Rod has to go

Watch TSN's post game jabber with Suiter. The guy can't even subtract. Apparently "first time since 1970" is 32 years ago.

Its like when he was hired he had zero football knowledge and instead of trying to learn it he just talks as much as possible. He needs to learn you don't have to talk every second of the broadcast. Joe Buck is good at this. He leaves space

Lol agreed. He reminds me of a politician. Lots of empty words with zero actual useful content.

Rod has an apparent problem with numbers. After a kick/punt return he frequently gets the yard mark wrong where the returner was downed. He also frequently states "that's close to a 1st down" (or similar) when the player was downed 5 yds before or 5 yds after the yards necessary for 1st down. Regardless, the commentators really have very little impact on my enjoyment of the game but I say bring in Walby!

Now Suitor as a former player seems to have a poor understanding of the rules and feels the need to give detailed and often incorrect explanations of the rule applicable to some just completed play on the field.

I'm trying to remember the last Rider game that they brought in Matty. I think it was two years ago during Labour Day.

But without him where would we get our insight like "all time all time"? :cowboy:

I don't think I've ever heard someone refer to Rod with "insight". :slight_smile:

I think you guys are all closeted Rod Black fans, without him what would we have to talk about, he the butt end of countless jokes and nobody on these forums gets upset about it perfect senerio if you ask me.

Rod Black is horrible. Worst commentator ever.

He's done like 3-4 Rider games in a row.. what have we done to deserve this hell?

Far worse, it will most probably be the game that will be replayed on Tuesday.


Didn't get a chance to hear the telecast of the BC- Montreal game on Thursday, but was Rod Black the commentator and if so, did he mention Duron Carter being the son of former NFLer Chris Carter?

Cause Rod seemed to have a fascination for guys with famous NFL fathers (i.e. mentioning Jarrett Payton being Walter's son every time Jarrett touched the ball)

At least we don't have to hear about another new record every time Paredes kicks a field goal now, but we still need to be reminded that Bartel is a former...............former............hey Rod! What sport did he use to play? :roll:

Rod's started talking about some other kicker with a streak going. I forget who it was.

Ugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Scoop and score.

My favourite Rod Black move - "and it's a touchdown, or is it, no signal on the field." Meanwhile the ref is standing next to the pile with the ball with his hands up in the air signaling TD. He does that a few times every season.

And who else but Rod has all these bromances with Giguere's guns, Stick Stala, Fantuz....

Well he did start in figure skating. :wink:

Rod Black saying someone was a "fine specimen" over and over an over again a couple seasons ago gave me nightmares for weeks...

At least Cobourne isn't in the league this season. Was getting tired of "Avon Calling". The Jarrett Payton thing was way overplayed with the "Son of former NFL" every 3rd carry.

The reason Rod Black keeps mentioning stuff like Payton's NFL heritage and those types of things is because of how he prepares for the game. He learns one fact like that for the game and repeats it over and over. He clearly doesn't bother looking over a roster to make sure he's got the names because he so on occasions he throws out names that have nothing to do with the play on the field. At least he's got Forde to ramble on and about some guys CIS career or tangent to fill up the dead air.

Hopefully he doesn't find his information using wikipedia. Someone should find out what game he's doing next and go in and edit a bunch of the information for their players just to mess with him.

"Did you know, that Dee Webb actually invented the toaster oven while he attended Oxford in 1938"

"Josh Bartel actually had a dingo eat his baby growing up in Australia".

"Bakari Grant is actually the step-sister of Corey Grant"

Think of the possibilities.