Rod Davis Released

Richard what are you doing to me!

Besides being out the $100, I have to say I am surprised by an off-season release. Did he refuse to take a pay cut?

I remember his play in Edmonton in 2011 and felt he was completely misused in Reinebold`s defense.

Schiavone also released.

Richard let me know how we work this out.

No hurry. We will arrange something in due time.


Oh this is funny. You read like a veteran loan shark on this one :lol:

I'm not surprised too much. Davis is a natural MLB and with Emry the starter and the likelihood of going to a more standard defense there is no room for him. Shiavone is likely to expensive to be a backup kicker and likely could not be traded. The money was better spent elsewhere.

Agree 100%

And again, agree 100%, setting aside my well-known opinion on Emry.

Good player and teammate. I think he will find work no problem but he might have to wait and see what happens to Brackenridge, Kuale and Bowman.