Rod Davis Gone

Havent really checked up recently, but I am shocked that the Eskimos just let Rod Davis walk on with the Montreal Alouettes. Like... Are you god damn kidding me? Our best Linebacker is gone. What was Tillman thinking!?
I dont give a crap about Kock and Carr, id give them back a hundred times over if it meant that we keep Davis. Stupid.

All I can say at this point is; we'll see who the starting MLB is going to be in the 4/3 Defense by Mark Nelson in Game #1...
Edit: Edmonton Eskimos home opener at Commonwealth will be against Toronto... :smiley: until then perhaps answers.

How do you know that, backer ?

Rumor has it (from a little birdie); in otherwords just a hunch :wink:

Ah okay. . .

Mrs MadJack and I have this annual tradition, every July 1st weekend we celebrate our anniversary by attending a season opener somewhere. . . Edmonton and Winnipeg are the two cities we haven't visited yet, and since the Winnipeg stadium is delayed, we're really hoping for a season opener to be in Edmonton this year. . .

I'm with you, we cut or traded alot of talent for the almighty cap space and then don't use it. At least Tillman didn't make up some ridiculous story to cover his ass this time.

Like screw defense, as long as we have 20 WR's going into camp, cut 13 of em, and release our MLB just for cap space for these shit receivers who were cutting anyways later, we will be alright right. Tillman better have some damn Div 1 MLB wanting to play in the CFL or something for him to do this. Untill I see a game changing linebacker to fill that void, Tillman is an idiot right now. :roll:

11-7 record.
Playoff berth.
Home playoff game.

I’m willing to give Tillman time. :thup:

I think Davis had his mind made up even though there was an offer on the table; Montreal signed Rod for a bit more than was offered by Edmonton. That said, I read in the article by Moffat that Davis spoke about the Eskie D being kinda flip flopish (LB's moving around so to speak) all season long. Thus maybe because of injuries perhaps? Can't blame Rod Davis either and will fit in well with Reinebold's 3/4 Defense.