Rod can't add !

When BC was down by 13 pts, Rod said that all they needed was a TD and a FG to win. He said this twice and then I think Duane must have told him the correct amount a TD and FG equal...This is quite an understandable and easy mistake to make after all, because we only have ten fingers. ;D

Rod is the Addison Richards of sports-casting! A project!

Dan, it was a test to see if you were listening or not. Rod knows what he's doing I'm sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rod is an embarrassment to the profession of "Snorts-casting"

I never even thought of that, Earl. That old fox Rod sure pulled the wool over my eyes. You see, normally I use the mute button. I wanted to hear Terrence Edwards and I guess I left it on. I won't be making that mistake again.

We used to have a colour guy and a play-by play guy. Nowadays we have two colour guys who keep trying to outdo each other with inane facts. Listen to a tape of a game from the 70s or 80s. They still did play-by play back then. It helped people who were learning the game and were new fans and IT WORKED. Listening to Rod black is like listening to a 'Police/sting' song. The same line over and over and over and .........

Rod Black - 'The 58 yr old trainee!"

I think Rod just spends too much time on his hair applying Grecian Formula to look younger and this behaviour becomes too obsessive-complusive and interferes with proper brain functioning from time to time. Perhaps.

Here ya go Danny boy ;DMade special just for you :DEverybody Sing Along...RoxxxxxAnnnnnnnne !!!

Thanks Bobo. My laugh for Monday morning.

Glad to see you are wearing the Bomber logo proudly. If the Bombers are not playing I will cheer for the Cats and/or Ott. My deceased brother was a lifelong Ott. fan, so I cheer for them in his memory. He died just before Ott. won the cup.

Man, that Yvonne Craig was some looker. I only ever watched that corny Batman TV show to catch a glimpse of her or Julie Newmar.

"You don't have to turn on the red light" - repeat 40 times ;D

Time to turn in your official Rod Black Apologist card, Dan.

Ya, I can't understand that either. The only good thing I ever said about RB was that I would prefer him to those two clowns Jay and Dan.
Gotta wonder about old Tip O'Style. He does have some good posts though.

Screw Rod! Now for all my anti-fans here's a clip of one of my many appearance on David Letterman from approx. 30 yrs back. Unfortunately show producers restricted mention of things CFL -

;DYer quite welcome there Danny boy . It's always nice to know that I put a smile on ones face and gave them a bit of a chuckle to start their day .

As for my new logo ? Well what can I say but GO BOMBERS !!!

27 years is more than long enough of a wait . If anybody else knows it's a Ti-Cat fan...19 yrs and counting still for us :'(Oh well as we say here in the Hammer annually....Wait until next year ??? :cry:

Here's hoping that they finally bring it on home for ya Dan and all of the other long suffering fans of the Peg . It's been too long and way overdue for a Winnipeg Grey Cup parade !!! 8)

Oh and just for the record ? YES that Yvonne Craig was most definitely a looker :wink:

If that was my choice I would turn it off. That's like deciding between swimming in a shark tank or being thrown to the lions; either way it's not a fun way to die so just shoot me and get it over with.

I can shoot you moses? Hey, just kidding, I would never want to do that, well at least to you. :wink:

.....Gotta carry this one over to the second page're the best...Tough when your team is on the sidelines BUT you keep on keepin on....great stuff...

......No wonder you couldn't get a word in edgewise about the CFL Lyle...Letterman was laughing too hard every time you tried....By the way how's your show going these days???AND as far as Rod goes...he's from Transcona.....nuff said.

Love the way you bring in the "anthropomorphic id" there Aerial. ;D