Rod Black's Absence

My fault - I responded to a tsn questionnaire many many years ago and asked for more insight during games for people like me that watched football all their lives but never played/studied it in an organized environment. Was looking for a little more than "3 points for a field goal"

I feel like he knows the most though. No one here is complaining about his lack of knowledge which is the most popular argument against everyone else. Maybe they should bring back Black and feed Forde's commentary to him in an earpiece. What am I saying - don't bring back Black - I complained about him to my wife and others who didn't give a s**** for years. It wasn't until I joined this forum that I found out I wasn't alone.

He may know a lot, but honestly, I can't remember being impressed by any football insight he's offered. He doesn't do Xs and Os; he doesn't give insight into a specific position matchup. To me, he just delivers the same platitudes that most of the other color commentators give. And in a voice that should be marketed as a vocal anesthetic. :wink:

Knowing the game isn't enough to be a sports broadcast journalist. If you can't articulate what you know in a way that engages the listener, you shouldn't be in the profession.

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Agreed. He belongs behind the scene. Stick to the combine and scouting.

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Too late for Suitor but I really think TSN would be well served bringing up the top NFL commentators for training seminars to give our color guys (and even play-by-play boys) some hands-on training. Suits is far too ingrained - I'd foresee him being a problem in the seminars, telling pros like Peyton Manning, Tony Romo & Chris Collingsworth that they're full of crap.
But I think all others would benefit from a training seminar including Romo, etc.

I constantly complain about Forde's lack of knowledge of the CFL game. How many times does someone have to tell him that an objectionable conduct penalty is 10 yards, not 15? That's the first one that comes to mind, since he makes that mistake so often. But there are plenty of others.