Rod Black

Just like Suits, Rod talks over all Miked Up transmissions in Miked Up games. Is he paid by the word, or by the cheesy comments he keeps coming up with…Oh and by the way Rod…It’s Ellingson not “Ellingston” or "Ellington"Easier name to pronounce than the Russian Figure Skaters!

hafta agree that TSN’s rod black is way too influenced by tsn -
[oh and i am so sick of interviews/audio and sideline ‘analysis’ that goes over 2-3 plays !]

a few years ago some1 broadcast a cfl game w/o announcers - it was a real joy just imagine how much less expensive games would be to broadcast w/o announxers
i think viewers enjoyed it too much as the experiment was NOT repeatd

hey tsn why not charge $ for your app to see games BUT … and no commentators
this yr i watched a pre season ticat game w/ radio broadcast providing the audio

'twas very good

Couldn’t agree with you more.

Well indeed TSN has a lot of shoring up to do for its production compared to perhaps more than 5 years ago, but I’m all for a whimsical thread about that Rod Black! ;D

At first like many new fans to the league, I was perplexed how that guy could be a football announcer.

But then you know what? I began to like him more and more due to all his gaffes.

As discussed in a thread here years ago, it’s like a game within a game to catch his gaffes! It’s even better when you are drinking too!

He reminds me of Fred Willard’s character at the dog show in “Best In Show.”

He’s so sure of himself in all commentary yet most of it is utterly fluff or BS, but darn does Rod Black make it all sound so good that you just have to listen! Then laugh or groan, the game must go on.

In some consideration of my future, I have heard also rumour that on the paperwork for Canadian residency that one must acknowledge also either a liking or tolerance of Rod Black. I’ll check that box too.

I for one (and probably the only one) enjoy Rod.

At least he is passionate about the CFL and I enjoy his entertainment value with his quips.

Keep doing what you are doing Mr Black. I think you are a great commentator.

Haters just gotta hate.

Rod is okay, but the CFL does need younger commentators.

Just out of curiosity, he used to say “Speedy B” now he has to say “Brandon Banks”, wondering if he is no longer allowed to use nick names??

Sly, pretty sly…I like it !

This is a great example. Maybe nicknames wear out?

Anyway, the matter of younger commentators and people on TV has been one lingering all my life, and I’m 47. Why do they always get older hmmm?

It seems only in the last decade at best have the media inserted folks either about my age and occasionally younger with the same folks still bouncing around as 20+ years ago. It’s been the Baby Boomer bias in media all these years, and for TV they are the ones still watching including some channels with a dominant audience male and well over 65.

Of course experienced announcers are better for many an event, but some needed to go years ago and should have been replaced by someone new and promising but darn those old retiring media executives who don’t give a rip about legacy I figure.

Here’s where they botch things with younger announcers though.

Instead of someone young with energy and drive and professional, we end up sometimes getting some dude who looks like he once failed hipster tryouts or only moonlighted as a beatnik. Reality is even young folks aren’t going to watch TV with those guys trying to look or sound hip but not who are making the call or in the studio.

The search continues for the CFL and beyond.

What happened to that guy who did one game earlier this year (I forget his name)?

I was hoping against hope that he was auditioning for Rod Black’s job.

What about some of the sideline guys like Farhan, Matthew S., and John “Shoe” Lu?

And Gord Miller should do more games perhaps with Dunigan.

Down here on NBC it’s great when either Miller or Cuthbert do the NHL games.

tsn doesnt need ‘sideline’ guys
they just interrupt coverage and i really dont need to hear theie stories
ceratainly no need for 1/2 interviews

The only useful purpose for sideline guys is to find out the status of injured players.

Halftime interviews are useless. They almost all say the same thing: “We have to [protect the ball/finish drives/stop the run]. This is a good team, we knew it was going to be a battle. We’re going to have to play the whole 60 minutes.”

They ask questions like, “What’s your strategy going into the third quarter?” I remember Luke Tasker looking at her like she was from another planet and saying, “I can’t tell you that.”

And, like him or hate him, Kent Austin gave the all-time best answer to a half-time question. Someone asked him, “What do you have to do to win this game?” and he answered, “We have to score more points than they do.”

Bravo !
staus of injured players can be handled very cost effectively w/ an on screen crawl

I am surprised Miller doesn’t do more . A great voice .

Plenty of options the best of the past CFL PBP was Don Chevrier . He did the Jays as well and ended up getting a job down south he was that good .

Mark Lee and Dean Brown were good as well .

But the best of the best experience was the no announcer games where you heard the stadium announcer and crowd noise only . It was like you were at the game and this was before HD . Imagine it now it would sell so easily can’t believe no one has gave the viewer the option ( get rid of Mic games place this in its place and see what happens ) .

I mean have them spell Rod more often. Heck, maybe get Rod on the sideline too for some cameos.

For that John “Shoe” Lu, as according to 3 Down Nation he appears to have some receiving skills, Montreal ought give him a tryout running routes before a game and then he can go to the booth in place of Rod afterwards for the game as they ponder such an important decision.

Also he should have to do both duties in the very same shoes and no polishing or cleaning in the locker room is allowed until the game is over.

Pair him with Dunigan too.

A few games ago in Regina there was a sideline interview with 2 local girls who made it on ‘The Amazing Race’. Later in the game there were commercials for ‘The Amazing Race’ so the interview itself was just another commercial. How low will they stoop…

saw that too !

very disappointing

That interview that Brodie did with those Recklaws struck me as awful too.

It was aimed at a young demographic, but to me it came off as promotional cheeseball and those gimmicks repel youth too.

This is when the CFL should be weighing in with TSN to promote such non-CFL crap on its own time.

At least make sure the contract spells this point out, with an additional fee payable the league for each occasion longer than 5 seconds, next time.

This is what happens when a league allows a media group to have too much say in covering their established brand and tradition.