Rod Black

I have absolutely shut off a non ticats game because of Rod Black.

Maybe I used the wrong word.

If they actually cared about their quality of broadcast.

Yeah I’m with you on that. Like most people on this board, I’d watch a Ticat game no matter who is on the broadcast.

But for non-Ticat games? If I hear Rod Black, my hand is way more likely to wander to the remote. Particularly in the fall when there’s 100 other sporting events on at any given time.

Anyone remember Vic Rauter?

in the end, I don’t care who the guys in the booth are or how bad they might be. No way they make me turn away from any game. Crowd noise, however small, adds to the game. Only time I am tempted to turn the sound off is Live mic games.

Rod Black has his quirks and can be annoying but the fact is he seems like a genuinely good dude. I don’t see the reason why so many people need to HATE a decent human being because you don’t like how he describes a football game.

If he was a serious asshole who routinely got drunk and turned out to be the Harvey Weinstein of sports broadcasters then by all means go get your pitchfork.

I can live with whatever announcers are doing the games.

What drives me crazy is when the seem to be cheering for one team and won’t stop talking about them.

Unless your the hometown radio team, just call the game neutrally. PLEASE.

Turned down sound on Black and Forde many a time. Unless you want to know what cdn university so and so went to (Forde) one isn’t missing anything.

So who would you rather have doing the commentary.

I would love a CFL equivellent to Tony Romo as colour commentator.

I dont hate him.

He’s just not a professional football play by play man.

Way too many player mistakes, no feel for the game, no concept of rules.

He’s very bad at his job.

Ron Lancaster.

There has to be someone regionally across this country better than Rod Black.

Whos been doing the odd game out west? There’s been a new body in the booth this year but I can’t remember who it is. He’s really good.

Dustin Neilson.

He had a couple of mistakes on his first broadcast, but he was miles ahead of Black.

Mistakes I can live with, we all make mistakes.

But does the commentator add to the game excitement and maybe reinvent himself after a few years.

I would personally like to hear a spanish/mexican soccer commentator do a few games, may be fun, just for a few games.

You might just get yer wish with Ambrosie running things and his silly CFL 2.0 project nonsense .

Thank you.

He’s good. And a welcomed change.

I was intrigued at first by the new guy and technically he was good but I found him boring. His voice and delivery didn’t seem loud or enthusiastic enough. Not enough character either.

We just can’t win. 8)

How much I like / dislike Rod has everything to do with whether the Cats are winning or losing. So for the past few years he’s driven me crazy, this year he’s like a beloved, hapless uncle.

Rod Black and my grade 10 geography teacher are the only people I have ever heard use the phrase “Golden Horseshoe?.

I remember Don Landry and Vic Rauter years ago doing a segment called “Duelling Vic’s” based on Landry’s almost spot on imitation of Rauter…

“Hapless” is the perfect term for Black…