Rod Black

At least there is no Rod Black today - he’s busy over-commenting on Skate Canada! ;D

He shows his (half) vast great general knowledge once again.

With about 5 mins. remaining in a very exciting, entertaining, nothing game between the Bombers and the Eskimos, Dunigan pipes into Rod’s play-by-play with a positive comment on Jon Gott’s TD celebration, the night before in Ottawa – he grabbed a can of Mill Street Organic from his girlfriend, who was in the field-level endzone bar, and drank it dry. Rod’s response was about how it would have been a better CFL TD celebration had it been a Canadian beer.

Maybe because the Ontario brew isn’t the son of a big league American brew, Black just doesn’t know about it. OMG ::slight_smile:

if that would be the worse example of RB I would be very happy with him.

Mayb he said that because like tasker is the son of Steve tasker and die in Carter’s dad is Chris Carter who use to play for minnesota lol

I don’t particularly enjoy listening to Rod Black but my cousin Cletus would be better than Gord Miller. He misidentifies players, scores, ball possession, days of the week, wedding and funeral active and passive participants, … .

He thinks he has all of the answers but he can’t remember the questions . He’s 54 years old but shows signs of being a really old guy .

Pat Lynch (somebody who knows about really old guys)

I feel the same way about Jim Houghson. Worst voice in all of sports broadcasting.

Betcha any money he begins the broadcast of our playoff game with a cloying “hello, Canada” !

Yup. Gord Miller was brutal last game. He constantly kept screwing up the information. He sounded like he was just phoning it in and didn't really want to be there.

Another Rod Black play-by-play classic call -- "Right down Main Street, once more, but it's wide."

BONUS included in this report -- the official Rod Black Drinking Game rules.

Mill Street brewery is owned by Labbat, which is part of the biggest beer conglomerate in the world, Anheuser-Busch InBev

I don’t disagree with any of criticism of the “Blackisms”; but the guy is a legend.

CFL, Raptors, Skating…etc he is so versatile.

When a lot of the NBA commentators in the US are asked about Toronto, they fondly speak about Rod Black.Charles Barkley on more than one occassion.

There is no doubt the CFL needs new, fresh and youthfull commentators…it often sounds like an old man’s league. (This should be a great a league for up and coming commentators)

I'm just glad I hadn't just taken a mouthful of beer when I heard him say that. That was a classic.

He’s a joke. No other way to put it.

If TSN cared a lick about ratings or the future of the league with you get viewers they’d figure it out.

Ratings are their bread & butter. Of course they care about them but maybe they’ve determined that Rod Black has no bearing on what the ratings will be. What Ti-cat fan would turn the channel and not watch a game because Rod Black is doing play by play? None that I know of.

Ah, but a few do watch with the sound down, listening to the radio broadcast instead. Which means they aren’t listening to the TV commercials.

Kind of a moot point if the broadcast they’re listening to is on TSN Radio. Not sure which station broadcasts the game in Hamilton.

Actually TSN radio in Hamilton is great. I like the guys doing the radio broadcasts.
Listen to them all the time. One of the great things TSN has done, giving Hamilton their own sports radio station.

I dont care about much about anything that comes from the Toronto sports radio stations.

It doesn’t work very well because the tv broadcast isn’t in synch with the radio. Probably due to the different delay settings.

If the radio is behind the TV, then you can pause the TV for a few seconds (assuming you have PVR capabilities on your TV) to synch them up.

If it’s the other way around, nope, can’t do much about it. And if no pause ability, then another nope.

Me, I just try to ignore the Rod-isms and enjoy the game. And once in a while, post one of them on the GDT.

I much prefer Rod Black and Duane Ford to Chris Cuthbert and Glenn Suitor. I find Rod Smith is good, Gord Miller should stick to hockey. All personal preference I suppose?

Unless things have changed recently, TV is always behind. And typically HD is a second or so behind SD.

You’d need to “DVR” the radio broadcast and pause it to sync up. Unless you’re already set up to do that, it probably isn’t worth the effort.

If you’re watching the game after it’s over, it’s probably easy to sync up playback of a recording of the TV broadcast with a recording of the radio broadcast, even with low-tech recording solutions for both.