Rod black

Are you telling me the cfl could not find a better commentator that this guy. He almost makes me want to turn the game off. And I love the cfl.

Even though you are trying to be a troll.. I believe almost everyone will agree with you.

I like him. He's a good man and he does a lot of charity work.

He's Bad real Bad. Its one of those things! He's so bad they don't want to replace him and admit the 10 year failure.
Or was it 20 -30- year flop
Cheers and enjoy. Very good season so far. Remember bars do well on CFL games.

Agreed. Just don't understand some posters' hatred for this solid, long time, Winnipeg born and bred broadcaster.

I know he makes mistakes but... who cares. The CFL is the CFL and that kookiness should include the broadcast booth.

Yawn.. another Rod Black thread :? It is what it is . He's not great but he's doing the games and it's not the end of world.

You joined just to post this ?

:roll: :thdn: :roll: :thdn:

I love this approximately annual tradition!

Ah it's okay to have such strong feelings about Rod Black, who is an acquired taste for those who have not heard him long enough.

Rod Black is the Fred Willard, such as in "Best in Show" or as Mike LaFontaine of High Class Management, of sports broadcasting.

Black has that confident and dramatic delivery and sounds like he knows what he is talking about yet is wrong perhaps 50% of the time.

But give him credit for being convincing enough for so long to keep his job. His bosses at TSN don't quite know on which half he is wrong, and so obviously Rod Black has been wily enough to fool them over and over and keep them guessing placing new bets annually.

Like gambling addicts, they just can't stop playing because they just have to hear him again.

Rod Black overwhelms and amazes himself often and so easily too, so we must give him credit for that.

Rod Black is now part of the fun of watching CFL action and certainly helps out when the game is dragging or during those overly lengthy reviews.

Just imagine also how much additional drinking he has inspired!

Shhh it's okay I'll allow it.

Welcome new fan.

Love or hate, this is that Rod Black we are talking about again too!

Welcome back mattsdad.

I sound like a broken record but I would have the local guys who are doing the radio do the TV broadcast they are so much better .

When you watch the replay games on you tube with the local guys doing the play by play the game is portrayed more professional. The homerism I can live with as I grew up watching HNC and it’s basically the same thing .

I will go out on a limb and predict we will never hear from him again.

I have seen to many times, somebody joins, brings something negative and it is a one time post only.

I am thinking this is one of them.

Just happened yesterday

Have to say i like this new anti trolling approach. I'm not worried about turning off potential new members, if they're trolling they'll react one way if they're not they'll react another. Trolls are very predictable and it's about time this site has started to reclaim itself.

Honestly, I enjoy Dunnigan as a color man a lot more than Black. Dunnigan makes mistakes too (likely concussion injury related), but he is so damn enthusiastic in the booth that it's contagious. It's hard not to get excited right along with him.

Black is a train wreck and I'm positive the only reason he has a job outside figure skating (although I hear figure skating fans don't like him either) is because he has compromising pictures of someone high up at CTV. Dunnigan would be a great replacement for Forde. Dumb as they come and Forde always ends up rambling off on a tangent usually talking over an official announcing penalties or the next play. At least Dunnigan talks about the game your watching and has a ton of passion and excitement. Dunnigan can make the most boring game sound a little bit interesting.

Here's a good comparison between the two :smiley:

"Can I take a shih-tzu in my carry-on?"

He drives me nuts as an announcer but in a weird way, I'd miss him if he left. He's just become part of the picture now.

I'll never admit to this later, by the way, and if someone calls me on it, I'll delete this post.

Where I find Forde a little annoying.
Is this habit he has.
Of pausing several times in the middle of a sentence.
While he's making his point.

It's like he hasn't really though out.
Everything he was going to say.
Before he began speaking.
So he just rambles on the fly.