Rod Black

Don't suppose it'll do any good, but I sent the following to TSN; I'll advise if I get any reply.

[i]Dear Mr Black:

Regarding the game this past Sunday, Montreal vs. Toronto.

Byron Parker started the game on the corner for Montreal. At some point during the game, he was replaced by Michael Carter. After noticing the switch, I was wondering why. . . was Parker hurt or was he being benched for some reason? I read today in the Montreal Gazette that he was in fact injured.

So, why did neither you nor Duane Forde nor your sideline reporter give us that information? That information would have been of more interest to the viewing public I should think than being reminded, every time he touched the ball, that Duron Carter's father is Cris Carter, former NFL star, Football Hall of Fame member, commentator on NFL TV broadcasts. You can lay off that please, we know already.

Also, please ditch that silly 'starters to watch' feature. From two teams with 46 players, it's a mug's game to pick in advance three guys that you think might have an impact on the game; it might be those three, it might be three totally different players. Please give us the starting depth charts for each team; you used to, please go back to it.



Please use Gord Miller more often than Rod Black..... :expressionless:

Nice read Mad. I'm reminded of some physicians I know who have patients with some more obscure diseases that they, the physicians, admit the patients know more about their disease than the specialist. :wink: Just from the person with the disease Interneting galore, has the time to do so.

Dear Rod Black...even without your moustache, you still seem like you have a moustache. (and this is not a good thing)
The '70s and early '80s are over, Magnum P.I. was cancelled long ago, and perhaps it's time for Rod Black to move on to calling Canadian Rugby matches and soccer or something...stuff nobody watches.

Getting a tad personal there with the personal looks there Madden perhaps? :?

Rob Black is well meaning and a nice guy. Problem is I think he's really into figure skating but not so much a real contact sport like football. Which is ok. But a spade is a spade. And I appreciate figure skating and figure skaters to set the record straight.

It's tough in Canada to get commentators who really "get" football, football isn't in our culture nearly as much as in the US, of course.

They’re both solid broadcasters…not sure what it is you don’t like about Rod…he’s been at the on air game for almost 30 years!

yes, in the words of Mr Black, he is "quite the specimen." Now repeat that 4 times in the next 30 minutes of CFL football programming you watch. 30 years of broadcasting doesn't make him a good football commentator. Lloyd Robertson has been a legend in broadcasting for 6 decades...doesn't mean he would be a good football commentator.

Blacks cliches and repeat after repeat is just awful.

Who was that "fill-in" guy during the Summer Olympics? I thought he did a pretty good job. His name escapes me.

you mean Rod Smith?

No Tangle, it wasn't Smith. I want to say he either did Basketball or Baseball, but I could be mistaken about that too. Some one will remember.

The fill-in guy was from the US, I think all the Canadian play by play guys were in London. That's why no one remembers his name, he might have been from ESPN? He did a great job considering he had never done a CFL game before.

After Chris Walby on CBC a few years back, everyone on TSN CFL broadcasts is great.

Gord Miller and Matt Dunigan are my favs. Duane Forde is pretty good also.

It would be nice to see Pete Dyakowski from the Ticats be involved on TSN after his playing days. Great personality, and Canada's smartest person to boot.

Was it Rod Black who came up with that classic the other day after Gable fumbled - "that's the spark that set the fire in the Lions" ? lol or "The Ticats came to play today" don't they come to play every game? :smiley:

.....Rod Black is the gift Winnipeg gave to the sports media :lol: ..I do admire the charity work he does and he does a great job doing figure skating broadcasts (so my wife says) BUT mercy me, Rod is undoubtedly the worst CFL broadcaster I've watched and listened to...and I've listened to quite a few over the years...I could handle Chris Walbys utterings better and that's being kind....For tsns sake and CFL broadcasts generally, I hope Black will fade to just that and disappear from TSNS/CFL broadcasts...Is there any more Chris Cuthberts out there..???? :roll:

papa we're roughly the same vintage, and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I used to criticize Johnny Esaw, but I'd take him any day over Black. . .

or Pat Marsden or Leif Petersen

HERES ONE GUY I MISS,AT LEAST HE PLAYED THE GAME!!! :rockin: Story on the passing of Leif Petterson.

Pettersen yes, Marsden absolutely not! Marsden was an idiot of Rod Black proportions.

I have small beefs with others of the on-air personalities...but nothing like Black. I've almost changed the channel a couple of times when I heard that nauseating drone of his. Can't TSN give Gord Miller more games? Can't they bring back Matt Devlin (I think that's his name) who called a few games last summer? Can't they please god do something?!

I remember NBC broadcast an NFL game in the 80s or 90s with no commentary, just stadium noise. Did it as an experiment. I'll take that over Rod Black.