Rod Black

Hamilton just got an offside call.

Rod Black's clever comment....And I Quote "There's some bullet holes in their cleats tonight"

What the hell does that mean????? Anyone?????

This guy is Brutal!!!!!

Alot of Ticat games this year have been hard to watch I don't need some Know Nothing chump making them hard to listen too also.

ummm...they are shooting themselves in the foot?

I dont like him either...can't stand him...but cmon..criticize when its necessary...not just for the sake of it

Huh......Maybe he's just too smart for me.

Damn you Rod Black!!!

Ticats shooting themselves in the foot. Sad and true as it may be, I thought it was a pretty funny line.

Someone needs to tell Black,,, TaFralis' name is on the back of his jersey and to STOP calling him TRafalis!!!

im sure hes goin ona date with hueghs#39 tn cuz he was sucking his dick all night long too.