Rod Black. Yay or Nay?

Do you like Rod Black as a TSN play-by-play analyst?

Are you serious? This guy is the worst thing to happen to TV sports since.....hell, he's the worst thing to ever happen to TV sports.Absolutely brutal. Dull. Unknowledgable. Out of his element. If this guy is a football fan, I'm the King of Cambodia.

he sux, next question.

You know without Black I wouldn't have known that Jarrett Payton was the Son of the late great Walter Payton , oh and get this news flash that Arlin Bruce was a Former Argo. I tell Ya there no end to Blacks Football Knowledge :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

He is brutal he commentates the game like CFL fans are in grade one

How many times do we need this thread?

Old joke, rocker. And it's 'ArlanD'...if you were really sick of Black, you'd know he allllways emphasizes the 'D'.... :wink:

Rod Black is more annoying than the author of this thread... and that is saying something!... :lol: :lol: :lol:

BTW- I wonder who voted yay...

The problem with Rod Black and Duane Ford is that Glen Suitor and Chris Cuthbert are an outstanding team. They are head and shoulders better than the B and F. Cuthbert and Suiter have the charsma which the other team do not have. However, I believe Black et al are better this year, I like Duane Ford- his knowledge of the game is solid and he is an ex-player. I find that "Catharine" is a 5th wheel. It is annoying to have her pop up in opportune times. It is frustrating to have someones voice directed at another party when there is action on the field.

What do people think about the idea of switching the roles of Dave Randorf and Rod Black? I think Randorf would be very capable of doing play by play.

Nah, Dave has charisma with the panel.

I like Rod Black. Although he hasn't been quite the same since he got rid of the 'stache.

It never gets old .Mrs Black

Suitor is a moron…repeats himself two or three times a game…what’s to like exactly? Cuthbert OK, Blackie is great…although as previously mentioned, he needs to grow that stashe back…someone plead to Mrs. Black!

i thought gord miller did a fantasic job during yesterdays als / lions game.
not once did i hear 'first down depending on the spot'. he just said 'first down' or 'will be a yard short'.
he sounded like he's been calling / following the CFL season from the start.

Gord Miller had a few goofs, but his delivery is about 1000x better than Black. He actually sounds like a pro commentator rather than an intern with astigmatism reading lines off a teleprompter. This may be partially due to the fact that Miller calls a lot of hockey games, which move at a faster tempo than football, so he knows how to say what he needs to say quickly and crisply.

too bad we couldnt hear gord miller and duane ford calling games on a regular basis, instead of ford and black.

you must be tone deaf or something.. because Black is awful! extremely hard to take and he always says stupid things!

I think Black's play-by-play style is more suited to baseball where its necessary to fill the downtime with endless background information on players lives on and off the field.

This doesn't jive witha football broadcast where there is plenty to deliver and disect on the field. There is more than enough to talk about in a football game to fill the time between plays let alone during the play.

I think Cuthbert has it right. I wish we could get the delivery of NBC's Al Michaels. Here we get a fruitful description of whats happening on the field in his NFL telecasts.

I'm not privy to Rod Black's athletic background but it sounds as if he's either never played football or lacks even a remotely intimate knowledge of the game. He instead calls what he sees at a very casual level and fills the rest with monotonous accounts of players' background information.

I'm more interested in getting an accurate account of the action.. "Hamilton lines up 5 wide. 3 to the strong side, 2 to the weak side. Cobb in the backfield. 3 on the playclock. Glenn gets it off. Toronto sends 5 on the pass rush. Glenn fires it. Complete to Bruce in the flats and he will step out for a 7 yard gain setting up a second a short."

That's it... turn it over to Forde for the analysis and off to the next play. No garbage about Jarret Payton's dad or Bruce's recent history with the blue team.

you must be tone deaf or something.. because Black is awful! extremely hard to take and he always says stupid things!
Sounds like a Stampeders fan.

you must not be looking very hard. Cause i am a Riders fan.