Rod Black Rubbing Off On Duane Forde

Not surprised that Rod Black has no clue what a drop kick is, but I didn't think Forde was that stupid too. Clearly his form of stupidity is contagious and he has given it to Forde.

Edit: PVR'd the game so I'm a little late watching. I didn't think it could get worse than Black and Forde trying to prove who was dumber but them they bring on Jay and Dan. It's enough to make me want to turn the game off and delete the recording. The 2 dumbest people at TSN get together with the 2 most irritating. No one running TSN these days?

I'll take Forde over the other 3 clowns, ANY DAY ! Hell, I'd even take Black over the 2 returning clowns.

MUTE BUTTON to the rescue !

Would you rather?

A) Have Rod Black narrate your life?

B) Get kicked in the groin by a CFL Punter?

Just to clarify Dan38 is Frod Black's official apologist. He pops up after almost every demeaning Black post - to demean others and shield Black from criticism.

The only reality is Rod Black is an incompetent broadcaster (worst football guy ever). End of story. (other than TSN tall foreheads deem him an exceptional guy because they know little about 2 things 1. Football, 2. Communication.

Sounds like you're hitting the bottle a little early today, Lyle.

Neither of them understand what a dropkick is! They claimed a normal punt by Bartel (did you know he's Australian and used to play Assie Rules Football?) was a dropkick.

I didn't hear this but come on, I would have to think Duane would know what a dropkick is.

Dwaino is only 49 or 50. He was born in the late 60s - the real age of the drop-kick were the 1930s to mid 1960s.

Black, at 55/56 is a bit older than Dwain but a guy like Black is immune to reading or learning about the past.

Dwain doesn’t have the same excuse - he’s got an IQ in excess of 80 and reads - a bit.

Black: The Aussie kicker Josh Bartel loves that dropkick

Black: The Argos will watch that dropkick as it lands at the 2 yard line

Forde: People may wonder why he does that end over end dropkick

I eliminated the portions not relevant so more was said.Yes it is an end over end not a spiral but it is NOT a dropkick it is a punt. Aussie Rules uses what is basically an over sized rugby ball and hold the ball differently before they kick it so he is likely incorporating a little of the Aussie style in his punt.

His kicks are punts not dropkicks and Aussie Rules doesn't utilize a dropkick. Rugby is the only discipline left that still incorporates the dropkick although it is still legal in American football.

Well the English language evolves and I wonder if Duane is using this to describe the newer method used at times of punting with the tip of the ball being pointed downward for a punt for a certain trajectory. I mean, there isn't a name for this, I don't think and the ball may be being "dropped" a bit different from the punters hand compared with a normal punt. I don't know. :-\I was searching on Google and found this:


With the Bobcats needing to do a drop kick from deep inside their own territory following the safety, Miller fielded a punt on the Indians’ 44 and returned it 56 yards for a touchdown.
Difficult to know what type of kick this was.

Hey, in English, 'know' and 'no'. Both sound same.

For the convert...

Maybe we can get Bartel, the Australian kicker, to dropkick Rod Black. ;D

Dropkick is still legal and it requires the ball to hit the ground before it is kick as it did on the Flutie convert.

What Forde is describing is a different way to kick the ball, hitting the end rather than the side.

Black is an idiot and I'm not surprised he's clueless to his blunder, but Forde should know better.

I think you are taking it far too seriously dcmoses. You are gong to have an aneurysm if things like this bother you this much. Personally, I don't have a problem with Rod all.

But more about this drop kick thing....

I read that the only successful drop kick in the NFL since the 1940s was executed by none other than Doug Flutie. Lions fans will be delighted to hear that! He was the backup QB for the New England Patriots and he did it against the Miami Dolphins on New Years Day 2006 for an extra point after the TD. Flutie figured he had an 80% chance of succeeding. He was given the opportunity to do it. Why? So he could make the historic kick in his final game in the NFL. What is even more exciting is that this was his last play in the NFL!

That is the video posted above.

Blacks mistake doesn't bother me, I expect it from him because he is lazy and stupid. Forde though, he should know better. How do you get fired from TSN when these 2 get the bulk of the broadcasts and don't know enough about football between the 2 of them to fill a 2 minute conversation.

Thanks. I didn't click on that link. I was going to do a youtube search. You saved me the trouble. :wink:

This is just so wrong.

Lyle, gave me the title of RB Apologist.

Have I been demoted ?

I am the one that always comes to the rescue of RB.

I am just devastated.

Well it had to be one of us !

Apparently I've gotten quite adept at tuning out idiocy when I am watching sports. I didn't even know those two goofballs Don and JayJay were on the last Roughrider broadcast.

I don't have a particular aversion to Rod Black but I think it is very apparent that he doesn't really have a clue about what he's talking about. I believe that really grates on the nerves of ppull who know and understand the game far far better then he when they are watching the games.

WOW - even a blind rider squirrel finds the odd acorn! Sorry the party line didn't hold on this one!