Rod Black/Rod Flanders??????

Anybody notice that these two are completely identical????

Right down to the fact that they're both complete tools.

Why did you post a picture of Flanders Son? He looks more like Ned :wink:

You guys better be careful..... the Calgary and BC fun police are going to disagree with you making fun of Rod Black and then insult you...then complain how many distastful posters are on the site.... A good example is the Ears vs Ears post....If that post is in line for critism then this post is at risk of being attacked as well.

He looks like Ned, not Rod. Someone write in to TSN and see if during his next game they can get Black to say "gosh-diddily-arn-it".

to compare rod flanders to rtod black is absurd,there is no comparison to wit i present the top 10 reasons why rod flanders is better than rod black... #10 he has a personality #9 taller than rod black #8 can throw a football #7 would not ask an obvious question #6 has better hair #5 is more stylish #4has some charisma #3 his voice is less annoying #2knows when to shut up and the number 1 reason flanders is better than black ..never had a cheesy moustache!!!!