Rod Black is starting to act like Bryan Hall... sheesh.

He's a bad bad play-by-play man!

the Lions are running the ball, Logan gets stopped well short..

Black is going on and on and on about Logan/Roberts... meanwhile, there's no one mentioning that it's 3rd down! that the Riders are stopping the Lions on Offense!..

like what the hell is going on with this poor excuse for a play-by-play guy?

No one. I repeat no one. Is as bad as Brian Hall. He can't pronounce anything. He gets everything mixed up all the time and he forgets everything. Its actually very entertaining to listen to him.

ya you're right.

These two guys are so focused on Logan and Roberts that they fail to mention at all that Cates has passed 1,000 yds for the season!

like whatever!

what's with that "man with the golden arm"

I think Rod Black should have stuck to play by play Figure Skating.