Rod Black is a Frickin Genius!!!

As annoying as the mofo is... You have to admit that he totally called the Argo comeback... They were down 22 to 4 and he pretty much called

The Argos have made a habit of 2nd half comebacks, they have the best home record in the league, have more luck than any 1000 people combined and were playing the 2nd worst team in the league. A blind female African Pygmy waking from a 30 year coma could have picked that comeback.


Though you sometimes come out with rather "interesting" comments I must say that this last comment had me laughing my head off! :rockin:

Thank you. There are certain things I can't resist and making fun of the notion (whether joking or not) that Rowdy Rod is more intelligent than a deflated football is just too tempting to pass on. :cowboy:

I fixed my quote, it was suppose to be road record not home. D'Oh!

I don't know who the commentators were for today's game between Montreal and SSK but I couldn't help but chuckle when Geroy Simon missed a pass. He got up off the turf and that was pretty much it. No reaction, no hand waving that he'd been interfered with. The commentator praised Geroy for his class act saying, "You'll never Simon do something like that to draw attention to himself" or words to that effect. This commentator must be on another planet! I've seen Geroy do multiple times what most receivers who think they've been interfered with do. Who is this guy trying to kid? I really could not believe the commentator would make such an ill informed remark as that.

It was Suitor and if it involves complimenting a fellow player he does have a bad habit of engaging his mouth before his brain.

Rod black is a total idiot! These fool has to mention the nfl in every broadcast that so and so played in the nfl! Nfl this nfl that why doesn't this bum go get a job working for them instead of calling a cfl game?

How many more times is this rod idiot black going to mention sims-walker and the nfl together?

Not as many times as he's mentioned Chris Carter and his hall of fame dad. :roll:

Please leave poor Rod Black alone.

Rod black needs to shut his mouth up with all them stupid nfl references he does for every game.

It wasn't Suitor.... the commentators were Gord Miller & Matt Dunigan...

Wrong game. The comment was from last month, not last nite. Old thread. :wink: