Rod Black in-stadium announcer in Ottawa?

I can see it now....the Ottawa RodBlacks

If so I already feel bad for the Ottawa fans!

But if it keeps him from doing play-by-play then let the RedBlacks' fans take one for the team. :wink:

I'm not sure why some people do not like Rod Black's announcing. I think this guy's got a great voice and can hold everyone's attention. I like Chris Cuthbert's announcing too! Some people have the "right" voice while others simply aren't suited. Foster Hewitt was one of the best in announcing NHL games. John Shorthouse who announces the play by play for Canucks games has voice I can't stand listening to when it comes to doing the play by play. His voice drives me absolutely up the wall.
What exactly is it that bugs you guys about Black?

Beagle, when I watch games that he's calling I always get that feeling that he knows nothing about football.

However, he is a decent curling commentator.

Rod Black's background has been figure skating and gymnastics at the Olympics. When he does football, it just sounds like he is trying way to hard.

Rod Black has a good voice for being an announcer, I think he gets ragged on for his lack of knowledge or for some of the goofy things he says during CFL games. He did the player intros at the Grey Cup and it suited him just fine. Since a PA announcer doesn't have to give his opinion on the game, just state what has happened, it might be a job he'd be pretty good at.

He "holds everyone's attention" .............because we are waiting to hear the next stupid thing he says!

Black is not natural, lacks knowledge of the game, says dumb things, hypes things way too much, is repetitive which drives many nuts, etc. etc. He may be a nice decent person but as a football play by play guy he is misplaced. TSN needs to replace him. Contrived is the word I was thinking of. :cowboy:

Each to his own I suppose HalfTheDistance. I can tell you this though…that's not the reason he holds my attention. If this guy repeatedly came out with "stupid" comments I might take notice. Perhaps you can recall some and provide some examples. You've got my curiosity.

Well for me it's his CONSTANT references to the fact that Josh Bartel was an Aussie footballer, that Duron Carter is the son of former NFLer and hall of famer and current NFL TV commentator Cris Carter, as he did ad nauseam with Jarrett Payton.

I mean, once a game maybe, just maybe. . .but every damn time they touch the ball????

And "contrived" is a good word, and in my opinion bang-on. His "enthusiasm" over a dramatic play just sounds so phony to me.

he is very repetitive the worst was hearing about the SON OF WALTER PAYTON!!! over and over and over its like ok buddy!!!

...I see a Red door and I want to paint it Black...pretty sure the RedBlacks stole this one from the Rolling Stones...With regard to Rod...I'm hoping that he'll get a gig doing NHL for Rogers ,so he can show his true talent, that has something to do with ice....just as long as he doesn't do anymore CFL games .. I was worried about Rod for awhile when he used to give us the 'son of sweetness routine' with regard to Payton...I thought he was going senile with the constant repeating of the fact...guess it was just his lack of football knowledge :lol:

Very interesting guys. I don't know, maybe I'm not paying attention as much as I thought. Now you got me worried. Glad the season is over. By next season I'll have forgotten and won't be listening for all of this stuff. lol

Maybe he doesn't have a whole lot in is "script" and is worried about dead air time which can be a killer. So….he repeats himself. Or maybe…just maybe the poor fellow IS losing it. lol I don't know but I do like hearing the guy's play by play.

How often did he refer to Brad Sinopoli as “the former quarterback!” as though the notion that a guy who played quarterback might also be able to catch the ball is completely mind-blowing.

Of course, it also totally overlooks the fact that Sinopoli played receiver while waiting for his turn at QB. :roll:

I’ve heard him point out that Sinopoli was a former QB. In fact on more than one occasion. I always took it to be a compliment to Sinopoli on how versatile the guy was. I don’t know the shelf life of QBs but it seems to me that if they can’t cut it as a QB then they are pretty much done. Also with that little bit of Sinopoli trivia it made me wonder if on occasion Sinopoli would take a hand off and then throw deep, utilizing his QB experience or fill in if the QBs got injured. I never saw Black’s comments about Sinopoli’s QB background as anything but positive.

Yes, they are positive comments. But that's not the point. It's that he keeps repeating it over and over ad infinitum is what folks are objecting to (and rightly so in my opinion).

Is this during the same game or over a series of games? If it's in the same game I can understand it getting monotonous but over several games you have a different viewing audience each time. Someone might not have heard it before.

If it's during the same game what are some theories why he would do this? Lack of imagination? Lack of awareness? Filling in dead air space? Trying to sound like he knows a lot? Perhaps he just impressed with the guy?

No its because he has nothing to say so he picks trivia information and spews it every game and several times. I understand its to inform, but you don't need to say it that much, its annoying to the CFL fan, and it shows he doesn't know enough information or knowledge to talk about much else. In the end of the day did Rod Black make the game more interesting spewing the same trivia facts over and over, no. Is it more informative for the fan to if he was to talk about whats going on in the game, and between the plays? Things happen and he never goes into the details, may it be a referees call, or particular plays themselves. I feel Rod thinks giving trivial information like his father is a former all-star, or this guy was once a QB and now look at him wow!!!! Over and over again makes the game entertaining it doesn't. Its so bad you know when he is going to spew about it.