Rod Black Gone From TSN

I'm sure many here will be happy to hear Rod Black is no longer with TSN. I wish him all the best!


Sounds like it wasn't voluntary.

Though we wasn't my favourite, his passion to the league was steadfast.

Best of luck Mr. Black


That’s an unfortunate loss for the CFL.

Look like it’ll be Milquetoast Marshall Ferguson now - - that should be thrilling.

When Jim Hughson retired, I was concerned he was being forced out. Subsequently in interviews, Hughson was close to retirement anyway. Rod Black had a few more years left in his career. This looks like he's being forced out. Regardless of what we might have thought about his obsession with sons of NFL players, Rod Black deserved a lot better exit. He loved Canadian football like few others. Hello Canada indeed.


Always skeptical of a guy who says he's moving on to something even more exciting - then won't say what it is. Just like Rod Pedersen who moved on to a "great new opportunity that he couldn't pass up". I guess that Rod Black will be starting up a fledgling independent podcast? You don't need 30 years of broadcast experience to do that, just a pinhole camera and an internet connection.


He did get under my skin with the over zealous NFL this or that but the guy had some great energy to his PBP for the CFL .

The shake up of going with different PBP personnel for the area or region maybe a good thing .


I would imagine that he will get a pretty good 30 year pension from CTV, and probably a pretty good salary in his new venture.

If they went with area people the cost of getting them across the country is greatly reduced .

With so many retired CFL players and people wanting to break into the PBP or sports entertainment across the country they could easily get a few interesting characters as colour and PBP to get a fresh spin on the broadcasts .

Yes you will get a bit of homerism but it may give a home cooking spin to it that is kinda refreshing .


Great news.


I never think it is great when a man is fired after years of service. I thought his broadcasts were fine especially this year.
Good luck to him.


Glad to hear! The guy was horrible. Can’t believe all the ass kissing happening on Twitter right now.


I can't say that he was my fave broadcaster but apparently I hear that he's a nice guy. I have no reason not to believe that. Let's hope that it's not health related.


Here's the article - - -
Long-time sportscaster Rod Black announces departure from TSN | CBC Sports

Anyways, most of you know my thoughts about Rodawful (Rod Black). He was for lack of a better word - preposterous ...
Million dollar voice - 10 cent mind

Those who liked him are generally folks who don't know much about the details and intricacies of CFL football.

Those who abhor him (mostly his arrogant way of chirping a game broadcast) will celebrate this for years to come.

We got off easy!

Hughson kissed Sportsnet / CBC goodbye at age 63 or 64. Black has not yet turned 60. I suspect U.S. networks will go after Hughson to air some Olympic Hockey and he'll have a hard time turning that opportunity down.

Black will show up on hi-lite reels for his nutbar calls and misinformation piling on over the years. He'll still show up at banquets and bar mitzvahs as a paid "host". I just can't see CBC or Sportsnet hiring a fraud like Rod.

Idea for Black. Call your podcast a RODCAST - ha-ha-ha!!!


How do you really feel?!


He was an awful CFL broadcaster, but hey, he's had a nice career and he seems like a decent person. I may not be the son of a legendary NFL player, but I'll still wish him the best in whatever he does next.


He wasn't saying he didn't like Rod Black he was saying

Let's Go Brandon . :grinning:

Wow. I didn't see this coming though of course noticed that he was not on many games this season.

As a new fan in 2009, when I first heard Rod Black I wondered,
"Wow, who is this animated clown?" :thinking:

But then life got more interesting, and I recall some of my drinks stronger too back in Florida including when I scored some moonshine, especially on those Thursday night or Friday night games when they turned out to be duds. Rod Black would go on and on and keep you engaged whether you liked him or not. :unamused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then there were the drinking games like @disciplineandpunish or @depopulationINC , which one of you was it years ago, came up with for his key catchphrases and all the times he just plainly got it wrong but as an audience we got to the point where we simply settled on something like:
"Ah. Forget it. Let him be he's rolling." :roll_eyes:

I grew to like him mostly for comic relief though that was not his intent. Life is hard enough, and well, here's a guy doing his job with passion and genuinely and who of us are perfect anyway?

I simply wish we had him for one full regular season for one last run for like it was prior to about 2015.

Did you notice the atmosphere in that game in Regina on Saturday night? THAT was what it was like for far more games years ago, and Rod Black, fun or flaws, was part of that game-day experience for those of us watching for years.


There's nothing to be happy about, for anybody who is otherwise not an evil person, when the talk at work starts out something like:

"Good morning. We wanted to sit down with you today because we've had to make some decisions, and we've decided to go in a new direction..." :roll_eyes:


Oh well, it's great to see this brought you out after months? Don't be a stranger fellow fan.

I am happy that he is no longer on CFL broadcasts, however best of luck to him and his future.