Rod Black, complete DumbAss?

This guy is soooooo annoying! He won't shut up, and he keeps yelling and over reacting to plays. He even sucks at play by play when he does Blue Jay games. I'd rather have Randorf call a game.

Rod Black: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I surprised he and Printers haven't had babies yet.

LOL I think I get it!
CASEY PRINTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"depending on the spot they may have a first down" .... oh really

Last week when Tucker made that awsome catch he went sooooo over the top that you would of thought that Tucker had caught the ball will his butt svicter.

Hey, Black's A-OK when he's hyping Jason Tucker! 8)

What do you want? someone who just says.. he caught the ball, touchdown.


pretty sad.

still better than mark lee and walby.

Chewie your right Walby! Bo do I love not listening to him anymore.

And excuse me but they are NOT the "Regina Roughriders". How many times do we have to hear him say this???

Agreed. The sooner people start calling them by their real name - the Regina Rugby Club - the better off we'll all be.

Agreed maybe they should get Steven Wright to call the games.

I didn't have to listen to Rod Black, but I've heard him talk down the Tiger-cats an awful lot since he started doing the play-by-play. Nice to hear that he's actually giving them some respect, now that it's due.

I don't think he's terrible, unless you compare him to Cuthbert(sp?). To me he just doesn't have what I consider a football play by play voice, and at times he can seem like he doesn't have that great of a grasp on the game.

Like others have said, still an upgrade to what CBC was giving us.

I 100% agree. I hated listening to those guys.

The sooner that the announcers stop referring to Ottawa peroid, the better off the CFL and its fans will be.

Rod Black can be annoying, but at least he doesnt say "up the gut" umpteen dozen times a game.

as much as you find him annoying I 'd rather have that than total silence! the pet peve that bugged me was the montreal game where they kept calling Calvio AC! AC this and AC that! just say his name please !

I agree, Rod Black is terrible for calling CFL games, but at least he wasn't biased like Mark Lee. Thank goodness we no longer have to put up with those annoying CBC announcers.

Every announcer can be seen as biased

I can live with the so-so play by play calling. I am just enjoying the double-headers so much and being able to see all the games--, I'll live with the personnel calling the games. Turn off the sound and just watch the action--- IT IS AWESOME!

Riders still Rule Too!!