Rod Black CEBL

Not only did Kate the TSN Desk Jockey make a grievous error introducing Rod Smtih as Rod Black last weekend . . . . if that wasn’t enough it appears Mr. Black is trying to make his way back into the front lines of Canadian Sports media.

Black, who’s only 61 or 62 was doing play-by-play for CEBL (Canadian Entertainment Basketball League) last weekend. I stumbled on the channel and even though I didn’t see Black’s face, his voice was unmistakeable.

I suspect no one wanted the CEBL assignment - so Black grabbed it because he wants a gateway back into sports broadcasting. Also, perhaps his TSN settlement has dried up?


Well perhaps I am in the minority, but I miss the periodic summer humour and gaffes after “Hello Canada! And those of you watching, in the United States.”

Duane Forde is best when he’s the Bert and back in the booth with Rod Black the Ernie.

Those games have hardly any breaks in the action even between plays! I miss that!


Even in 2023, I would rather listen to Rod Black than Dustin Nielson. Nielson sounds like a cheap imitation of Joey Styles from the ECW era. That is: screams in a cracking voice in order to hype up something that just happened on the field.


Black sounds like a broadcaster but thats about where it ends. Neilson is still an embryo, a veritable work in progress.

Bigger problem is tall foreheads at TSN Sports apparently can’t tell the difference.

Took them 30+ years to realize Rod Black was a crackpot.

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They released him two years ago during the big CTV cutbacks, it was his salary not because he was a crackpot.

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But Rod Black’s crackpot element for his brand was so established after so many years of dedicated service, that it was great and dominantly tolerated or accepted!

I will eagerly take such a figure who makes strange or questionable remarks at times, and who is admired by also Ron Burgundy, over any given glib and boring corporate dolt any day.

Look at the likes of dudes like that dullard Mike Tirico in the US amongst others.

Say no to that nonsense, and send those overstayed bojacks away to be bureaucrats in some urban basement at this point.

And then as a bonus for us for sake of Rod Black, at TSN they have that Duane Forde present to help rein him in with an occasional elbow to the gut in the booth and so forth.

Everybody wins except for those who just don’t like him or most anybody in the booth anyway.

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Not sure why everyone has a hate on for Rod Black.

He wasn’t too bad as a play by play man.


It appears you might have some sway. Could you talk to the powers that be and put in a good word for a return cameo for him alongside Duane Forde?

Will try to do my best although the powers that be at TSN may be a stumbling block😁