Rod Black and this morning's World Rugby Cup championship game

I have come to appreciate Rod Black a bit more after watching the 32-12 win by South Africa over England earlier today.

Never in my life have I heard such bad play by play and colour commentating in any sport. And it was not just the Aussie and English accents.
They sounded like robots with their dramatic tones, talking over the ref when he announced his penalty decisions. The colour guy in particular never shut up the whole game. I was unable to figure out what he was getting at. Verbal diarrhea at its worst. The only positive thing I can say is that they did not appear to favour one team over the other.
They had no clue about speaking in a natural way or staying quiet once in a while to let the pictures and on-field player comments tell the story. It was enough to make me start drinking beer at that ungodly hour.

So…in a moment of weakness after getting out of bed at 4.45am today to watch the game live, I now forgive Rod Black for all of his sins (eg Luke Tasker, son of etc) and I also admit he often comes up with some clever and original lines.
It will be a relief to listen to him again after what I heard for 80 minutes this morning. ;D

Interesting. Are the international rugby commentators always like that?

ClosetCat: Can’t really say. I used to play rugby but I don’t watch any regular English or Australian rugby games. Maybe I should.
The World Cup is such a great showcase for the best rugby players in the world so I did not want to miss it. I’m glad TSN carried it live.

To me, TSN’s CFL play by play and colour commentators are all miles ahead of what I heard during the past month of World Cup Championship coverage.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Where is Vic Rauter these days?

Vic Rauter has been a curling announcer on TSN for at least 25 years.

I remember him reading sports at CFTR in Toronto in ( I think) the mid-70’s.

Best in the curling business.

I remember him doing soccer - the World Cup etc. 80s/90s.
Time flies.

I think he hosted the half-time panel during those World Cups.

Yes the panels.

Rod should show em
How it’s done and move to rugby full time. It’s a tough blow for the CFL, but somehow they will soldier on

He called EPL and Serie A in the late 80s / 90s

Even worse was the Canadian panel at halftime and post match. God awful drivel that sounded like it right off the cue card of cliches.

jonny24eh: I agree. Their comments were irrelevant to anyone who watched the game.