Rod B.

I think I’ve read other posts earlier this year about this guy–but I have to write about
this guy’s work today.

His inaccuracies, his style, and his overall disdain for the Cats is rodblackulous.

Duane is no keeper either…but Rod good grief-my ears are bleeding.

I would like to put the radio on --but there’s a delay which ruins the game.

I’m instead listening to the Ramones and wondering if Jesse will ever play a full game again.

I think he'd marry Cahoon if given the chance.

He has a man crush.

Cahoon is great but Black is sure in love.

8) Well Black certainly is a joke as a football play by play man, that is for sure !! I gave up counting the number of mistakes he was making all game long.
 The best one was when he automatically thought that Duvall's field goal was good, when in effect the TV showed that it was wide !!!  He obviously does not even watch the TV in their booth  !!!  What a jerk he is  !!

 Your right about Ford also.  He even referred to a TiCat player as Ben Cahoon  !!

  If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny  !!!!      <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Yeah that FG sequence was a gem.

"And its AUTOMATIC....pause, pause.............pause...gasp, pause..."


The thing I don 't like is besides knowing nothing about football,is that he is always talking about the past plays and using statistics....what happen last play, last game, last I turn them down and listen to the radio ...nice to hear 2 guys who know the game...they are even better than the 2 western guys...IMHO

I've been saying this for years. He should stick with figure skating and trying to get people to sponser third wold children.

He's equally as bad at baseball.

Everything about hm sucks.

When people who don't watch sports are picking up on the announcer's gaffes it's time to change the announcer.

The best was when the CBC was on strike and they carried the games with microphones picking up the game/crowd but no announcers.

That was pretty funny... :lol:

Neither can pronounce names.

Siskowic’s name was mispronounced about 5 times

Bellefeulle’s name was also mispronounced many times.

The funny thing is that each time they said their names they were different!

The theory being: "maybe I'll get it right, at least once"?

I was thankful when I heard Black on the Cats/Als game. I was very thankful I knew he couldn't be in Calgary in time for the Riders game.
I'm not sure about his cruch on Cahoon, I think he's got a thing for Stefan Logan.

I don't mind Black anymore, he's probably pretty tired of doing our games also cinsidering Glenn and the hockey guy won't touch our games with a ten foot pole.