Rocky, Rocky, Rocky

I wouldn't want to be in Jason Maas's shoes this season when he throws
a "pic" or " one hops it " to a receiver.

     Hamilton fans are brutal  !!!

excuse me?

Well, Ive been the ultimate "stick your head in the sand" guy at times the past few years.....hoping beyond hope we get better......

....but I have to start siding with the majority of the fans's time we start winning....and if Rocky or Jason can't get it done right out of the gate, find someone who more "projects"'s time!

...the fans have done their part in spades the past 3 years....

like Bob said not long ago......we're sick of losing now.

WIN! (and personally, I don't care how we do it)

Yes they are brutal cause they don't give standing ovations after a pick, and they should have thrown a parade for the team after winning 4 games this year.

I think you mean:

Hamilton teams are brutal.*

*Only recently though :lol:

Try going to New York or Philly and put up a performance like the Cats have the past 2 seasons. We are passionate but everyone gets out unhurt

ya Eagles fan are Nasty..

I been to an Eagles game ..
They are Hard Core..

raiders fans r the best, same with colts