Rocky Butler

For the past five years Butler has been designated as a 3rd string QB . This year i've openly flamed Butler, questioning his talent and desire to be anything else in life but a #3,well, even if it was for only one game he's proven me wrong, sure the Cats are deplorable and KK played the game like he was possesed,but when Butler was given the ultra rare chance to basically start a game he made the very most of it,he showed great patience , made some good passes and some good reads , BEST OF ALL when this guy runs with the ball it's up field and head first,you gotta love the fact that he dosen't feet first slide like Burris........GO RIDERS GO

I'm glad Butler got the chance to show he's worth more than bench decoration. Good for him on his performance yesterday.

Here's my question.....Butler is apparently starting next week, Crandell is out 4-6 weeks, and as far as I know, Joseph may be rested until our home-and-home with, who is our backup QB for next week???

I would guess Joseph would be dressed and would go into the game if Butler got hurt.

Jason Armstead can throw pretty well i vote for him .:slight_smile: Great on the option

who was that QB that use to hold b4 butler did it for macallum forgot what state he was from or maybe K Jones would or could be signed

I hear a trade is in the works to get Nealon back.... :lol: ... just kidding... I would think that Shivers is using his scouting trip to find a QB to bring in on a short term basis... maybe he can convince Ryan Leaf to try his hand at the CFL with the Riders... might be a good gamble if he wants to take one more shot at being a QB again. I do agree with deflated, Butler has proved his worth with his performance last Saturday... I guess holding a clipboard for that long you do learn something... :lol:

Kenton Keith's play on Saturday night really helped out Butler. Keith helped move the chains or put the Riders in second and short situations. He was also a good decoy on play-actions and gave Butler a lot of time to roll out to pass and a lot of room to run with the ball.

Butler still wasn't as accurate as I'd like to see my qb's, but he was good enough coming off the bench and showed (with his headfirst dives) he wanted to get the W.

Dennis Gile

Darian Durant will be #3 behind Joseph! Hopefully Roy is combing NFL camps for a quality QB!

Roy has a new QB with the organization Engene. He left the PR last week due to the death of his father.

I agree Roughyfan, it was nice to see him showing heart and diving head first to get yardage. :rockin:

Sorry to use an NFL comparison, but he reminded me of a Michael Vick -- although 1 game doesnt make a player, I am encouraged. :thup: