Rocky Butler

Hey Argo fans, what do you think of Rocky? IMO, he was never really given a fair shot here in Sask, but I always felt he could be a decent back-up.

I think he will do ok if they let him run more (just don't get injured too).

He gave the Argos a chance to win. Not bad for a guy who has only been in camp 2 weeks.

Better chance of winning with him than with McMahon.

Agreed, he looked fine to me, better than Allen or McMahon, thank God! I don't think McMahon's a bad qb, he'll be a bonafide number 2 next year, and after that, who knows?

Well Sambo for once I agree with you.

Its nice you agree, but WHY do you agree? What do you see in Butler that makes him a good choice to be a back-up for Bishop?

He's a slightly better then average passer, he can run the ball if needed and he has CFL experience.

The Cats really could be using him at the moment...

argos need to cut crouch and mcmahon, and keep an all-black qb lineup of bishop, butler, and rob kent.

An all-black QB lineup accomplishes what, precisely.....?

ensure they have the best tandem for victory, crouch is injury prone and was never a decent QB, he won his heisman for rushing for 1000 yards, and beating texas, mcmahon is not built for the cfl and lacks the patience to be a surgical passer on the wide field.

I wasn't aware that the colour of a QB's skin automatically placed him above others as far as skill is very ignorant (and possibly racist) of you to allude to it.....

Ah, jm02, like me, you are not in tune with our politically correct times.

If you like white quarterbacks because they are white, you are racist. If you like black quarterbacks because they are black, that is somehow NOT racist.

I know, I've never figured that out either.

It's like in US politics; if white people in, say, Chicago, do not vote for a black candidate for mayor they are racists. But if 90% of the black population of Chicago votes for the black candidate, that is not racist.

If you figure it out, let me know.

...we should introduce him to TorontoIsMyHome eh?...

Sounds like a plan to me...they can vent about race conspiracies together.....

Works for Saskatchewan. :lol:

I would like to see Crouch get a good shot before giving up on him. I think the Argos will keep him around somehow for next year.
But if Bishop comes back ok, the Argos have got to keep Butler as a backup based on his play. So then do you keep a high priced flop (so far) like McMahon or go with the cheaper rookie Kent.
Going to be interesting.

y'all just hate it when there are successful black athletes, you only wanna see all-white leagues like baseball before jackie robinson

Aw, can it already.

I definitely think Butler could be a good back-up. He’s not quite ready to start, as we’ve seen, but he’s still pretty good.

Next year I’d say retire Allen, put Bishop in as starter, Butler as #2, and McMahon as #3. I think McMahon has proven that he’s not ready for the CFL yet. His luck in the pre-season probably had to do with him playing against other back-ups. :lol: