Rocky Butler

Can someone please explain to me exactly why he was even dressed for this game? What purpose does it serve to put a guy, who is just recovering from a concussion, into a NOTHING game?!? Not only dressed but played. I only hope he's not seriously hurt!

This would have been a perfect time to see what Durant can do. I mean let's face it, the game tonight was nothing more than a glorified exhibition game.

Do many of the decisions made by our staff make sense? Maybe Butler wasn’t as hurt as first reported, but with the crack he did receive versus Edmonton, he may NOT be available versus the stamps on sunday! Will have to wait and see!

I have no reason to believe Rocky is not available for Sunday's game. Of course if we lose both Joseph and Crandell to injury or the score means its okay to put in the third stringer, it likely doesn't matter.

As for how hurt Rocky was in Edmonton, I never really heard, but I doubt it was serious.
It was more a case of once he took a knee, he was told to lie down and relax while Crandell warmed up.

I think he is alright, but I dunno if he is 100%

The only reason Rocky Butler was dressed for the game was to be the holder for Congi. Earlier when Butler was out Fantuz held the ball, but he proved unreliable with a miss hold on one of the other games. (not too sure which one)