Rocky Butler time to make a move

I have one thing that has been eating away at me over the last year and a bit now. We have been bringing up Rocky Butler over the last few years here in Sask, and he has yet to become the #2 QB. To be perfectly honest I would have like to see him start if we didn't land Joseph, but we have to be honest here, if this guy can't break the the #2 QB position after this ammount of time growing up in our system then I think its time to go else where with our #3 QB slot. In my opinion this position should be relegated to a young and up comming guy to learn a system and work on skills and a few years down the line be the #1 or at least the #2 guy on a team. At that point when you have developed the guy you have to give him a chance to either start or use him as a trading chip, I just don't like to see more or less the one position on a team that is only dedicated to training and progression of a player sit idle and make no progress. Bring in a young talent, look to bring in a guy like Ell Robers in Montreal (it is tragic that they want to turn this kid into a wide out, he was fenominal at Kansas State) and get his skills going and you will have a starting caliber player in a few year garunteed. By next year I want eiter see Rocky Butler gone or him being #2, time to bring in a new guy, don't forget that Joseph is no spring chicken, a few more years of peak play is all that we should be expecting out of him unless he goes Damon Allen on us wich would be wonderfull if we could keep him in town.

I thought Rocky Butler went to the AFL. If not we should just use him as trade bait. not sure who would want a #3 QB but its worth a shot

Well that is why we are bringing in that Darian Durant arent we? isn't that hy we got his rights from the ticats negotiations list

Actually, that why we should have kept Nealon. It would have been an ideal situration, to have 3 experienced QBs should one get injured. It may not have been so great for either Crandell or Greene, but then who else could say that we have 3 capable starters ready to play at any time.

I think that situation with Joseph Crandell and Green would have cause some personel problems. IE look at what happened with Burris and Green when we signed him first and it scared Burris off.

True,but if we are going to get rid of Butler, we need to find a young QB who can step in and become the starter when Joseph and Crandell retire or move on.... thats why the eskimos are always a good team because they find QBs who can play, they went from WIlkinson to Moon, Moon to Ham, Ham to Dunigan, etc..... my point being that they always had a QB waiting in the wings to take over....

Greene's contract was the only thing that was the problem. What ever happened to the Dennis Gile? the holder we had 2 years ago?

We cut his @ss last year

IMO any one who thinks that neolon is a good qb is smokin to much pot :shock: ..... dont get me started on this topic about neolon being good the .... :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

The riders just signed a QB named Darian Durant who has some college passing records and was once property of the Balitmore Ravens.

I don’t think you are not going to have a job next year Butler. Maybe arena bowl reject Dennis Gile ( he is suppose to just be a horrible QB ) will stick around Regina and fill the forth position like he did last year.

Where do we find these guys? Gile, Bentrim(remember him?), Jordan, Adams and now Butler. Hopefully Durant doesnt get added to the lists of busts we've had over the years.

yea lol probably we find them at pick up games

hey you wanna play for the riders :lol:

2 years ago when Nealon broke his leg and burris wasnt ready didnt Butler start 2 games and played horrible and last year he couldnt pulldown the snap so that Mcallum had a decent shot at making a feild goal ?????????????
hes had his opportunitys and faild he should be GONE now


You're right abut this Rocky fellow, he keeps such a low profile one forgets he exists, but sure enough Riderville has his profile, 5 year third string, he seems to enjoy basketball and video where does it mention his passion for football..........Lets talk drain on the payroll...I think there are many young Canadian collage QB's who could do well, given half a you hear that MR. Shivers.............GO RIDERS

I am a huge fan of the idea of throwing a Canadian guy in the 3rd string position, Its a place where a Canadian guy could take a few years to build up skill as I said before, this position is the only one on a team that is all that is expected of you. Hopefully Durrant will prove to have some tallent fingers crossed