Rocky Butler quarterbacked riders to a win in hamilton

who was the quarterback that backed up Toronto last year? Didn't he have a fantastic game against hamilton 2 years ago when Crandell started and got injured ? Is he still backing up some team, and wouildn't he be ok if obtained to play against Hamilton, if Crandell is still injured. The Sk. back ups just don't seem ready to go at the present time. Since he was in Regina for so long he is probably familiar with the plays. They had high hopes on him at one time.

I feel that Durant is ready.

Ironically they traded Rocky Butler to Hamilton last year. He was released in training camp, and I don't know where he ended up. Did he go to Toronto? Maybe he's washing cars now, who knows.

Could we please get Butler back. 2 years ago when he started 2 or 3 in a row, with Joseph and Crandell injured, he lit it up in a couple of lopsided wins. He should not have lost his starting job at that time. But with Barrett at the helm, and Joseph back from injury, he turned it back over to Joseph. Last year with the Argos he came within a dropped Arland Bruce pass in the end zone in Toronto from beating the Riders. He was the best player in that game by far.He is still relatively young (26 or 27) and would come cheap. He is a better bet for the future of the Riders than anything, including Crandell, that they currently have. With a fair shot and a full season I see him as one of the better Q.B.'s in the league. He is currently unemployed and would come cheap, and he loved it in Regina.

Hamilton didn't want Rocky, Toronto didn't want Rocky and neither do we. He was not that good. Career backup at best. Durant is the future of this club and he has his chance to finally play and develope.

There's no way he'd be ready to play this weekend even if they did acquire him. He beat a very terrible Hamilton team a few years ago and we have an entirely new offense since then so no, I don't want the Riders to acquire him.

We're gonna have to go with Durant. What worries me is who do we have behind Durant. Crandell is seems could be unavalable for sometime, according to TSN's hashmarks. Jyles is obviously useless! And Tate can get knocked over with a feather. On the bright side, we have a good coaching staff and a good team all around. Durant showed improvement throughout the 2nd half. Give him reps and more games, I think we'll be fine.

Tell me more about Durant. People here seem to say he is ready to start. I've never seen him play. What can we expect this week?

Having Rocky as an insurance policy isn't a bad idea!!!

Durant showed us that he can manage the game, well enough to win. Credit the OC with changing the game plan after Crandell went down.

Im not trying to be harsh or anything but it looked like after Crandell went down, Jyles and Durant seemed like they were from a farm league or something... Every pass was scary especially with Jyles, now im not saying they can't win us a game but i'd be far more comfortable if Rocky was our #2 and in control while Crandell is out. Obviously not this time as its to late but for the future i say bring Ian back! i realize im probably gonna get flammed for this so o well.

hmm, ken miller suggested they are having conversations about potentially bringing someone in who is formilliar with out terminology, but nothing is firm… the only person that comes to my mind is Rocky…

You have to remember that was a BAD Hamilton team he beat.

Apparently he stunk out the joint in Ticats training camp and in Toronto.

Nothing better then a career backup. If you're looking for an insurance policy, I guess it's an OK idea. But I do believe there are still better QBs out there.

Rocky belongs in the same category as:

Ricky Foggie
Cody Ledbetter
Timmy Chang (time will show)
Tee Martin
Ben Sankey

Good backups. Lousy starters.