Rocky Butler gets the start against Hamilton

I am looking forward to seeing Rocky start against Hamilton. He has paid his dues in the rider program, and probably know the system better than the other two QB's. he seemed very controled last week, and am looking to see the same on saturday. What are your thoughts about Rocky ?

Rocky needs a solid start here, he will either solidify himself as the backup for the next couple of years, depending what happens with crandell, or he will show that they need to go in another direction, its basiclly in his hands this is the chance that he has needed now hopefully he runs with it.

I don't know that we saw enough of him last week. Let's face it, he only completed 7 of 15 for 170 yards. One pass Keith turned a short completion into an 80 yard touchdown. Kenton Keith won that game, not Butler. I would like to see the coaches allow him to throw a little more so we can see what he is truly capable of.

looked OK this game. 4 TD not too bad and no turnovers. that's a big one. easy not to make turnovers when you are way ahead in the score all game.

I want to see if he makes good decisions when we are down 10 points in the 4th quarter.

he looked good though. not good news for Crandell but good news for rider fans.

Hmmm maybe we can trade Crandell to Hamilton for Holmes, seeing as they don't utilize him anyways....and their QBs stink..

  1. Holmes is a free agent next year.
  2. Crandell is still a very good quarterback and much better than rocky, no offence to rocky or anything though because he played well and did his job!

While Butler played well, it's definitely not enough to bump him to second-stringer permanently. Keep Crandell.

I agree JM. Not to take anything away from Butler, or the big win.

We again need to remember a few things.
1 We beat Hamilton
2 Butler passed for 191 yards, not a stellar performance
3 The offence was completely incapable of achieving a single first down when we were pinned deep in our own end. I hated seeing us giving up safety after safety.

I'm not sure that the offence would have won against a skilled team when 35 of our points came off of eight turnovers. I don't think that Winnipeg will be so generous.