Rocky Butler cut by Argos

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Gotta wonder if the Riders will make a call?

...and bring in a fifth quarterback (not just any quarterback, but one who was traded away after five years - give or take - of riding the pine) after getting rid of another one? That'd make me scratch my head, for sure...

Agreed ... he gets a courtesy call out of respect from Eric and that's it.


I agree! No thank you Rocky. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if Anthody Davis comes to training camp for the Riders. Other than Wes Cates. I'm not terribly fond of our RB's. The two NFL rejects don't ease my concerns. A. Davis played pretty good for Hamilton.

I wouldn't mind having Rocky back.

rocky rocky rock! repeat 2008 baby! whooo!



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The riders traded Holmes away and then traded to get him back.

If Rocky has a much talent as he showed in his very limited playing time in both Toronto and Sask Eric will give him a look. He is only 4 years older then Tate and he is 4.5 years younger then Marcus. Given his experience and the riders total lack of experience they could use him

He spent five years here doing nothing, and has spent time with two other teams in the interim - neither of which have seen fit to keep him on their roster...don't you think there's a pretty decent reason for that?

The more I think about it the more I think Jyles is our man. I really liked what little I seen of him last year.

Keep in mind I'm not the keenest CFL fan just a fan.

Right QB, wrong system! Khari Jones, 3rd string in BC...goes to WPG and lights up for 50+ TD's. It could happen again with Rocky; remember DB's offense was "Run first, throw second" Rocky seems to be more conducive to throwing.

Don't quite agree there. Certainly he spent a lot of time on the bench in Saskatchewan, but during DB's reign he was very loyal to his starters, so if you are on the depth chart behind, at various stages, Nealon Greene, Henry Burris, Kevin Glenn, and Marcus Crandell, chances are you aren't going to get much playing time. Mind you, when he did, I thought he did very well, won you a few games.

Why didn't he stick in Hamilton, who traded 2 players to get him? I have no clue; but then this is a team that kept Maas, Chang, and Williams in that order, and when all was said and done last year, it was clear that #3 was the best of the three of them. So the fact that Rocky got released by Hamilton is not to me so much of a knock on his abilities as it is a knock against Hamilton's braintrust when it comes to evaluating QBs.

In Toronto he didn't have much of a chance; he was thrown in with basically minimal time to learn the playbook, and by the time he was up to speed it was too late, Bishop was back and for some reason the Argos kept playing him (even when it was apparent that he can't cut it.....I was at their home game against Winnipeg late in the year, Bishop could hardly hit a barn door all game, why he stayed in and Rocky stayed on the bench puzzled me no end).

But, do I see him returning to the Green Riders? No; my guess is we've seen the last of him in the CFL, barring some team running into injury problems. It's too bad, I think there's some talent there, but I'll guess he goes down in CFL history as another "what if" along with Stanley Jackson and so many others.

jm02 let see if I get your argument straight. You would rather have 3 quarterbacks who combined likely have less then 1 game experience between, over a guy that has over almost a full season playing.

Oh yes your argument is he was traded away and he wasn’t able to stick but spent 5 years on the bench. Well then lets see, lets deal with the bench issue. He came in as rookie and studied. Now lets look at the current local future heros. Assuming the speculation is right Jyles or Durant or Tate will be the next big superstar to light up the league. Only one can play at a time unless you platoon. Therefore, it is possible Jyles will have at least three riding the pine before Marcus gets the boot next year. Assuming Jyles doesn’t win the job, he will have 4 or 5 years on the pine.

Glenn road the pine in Sask for three years, he was traded as third string to be second string. He rode the pine for three and half years.

The upside of getting Rocky is experience and age he is only four years older then the other guys and is five years younger then Crandel.

I'm with jm, I don't think Rocky will ever be a great QB in this league. He could come in and manage a team but quite frankly we have that in Crandell, I want our other QB's to be all-stars in the making, Rocky is not that.

Yep, you finally got something right, Mike...took you long enough...

Butler spent years here, and in any instance I saw him play, I didn't ever figure him to have flashes of being a future great...average, maybe. I'd rather take my chances with the other three at this point.

okay jm02, you can go with your opinion, I would rather not go with 3 complete unknowns who have never shown a single spark that they may be good enough to start as a back-up. Never mind they haven't shown a spark they haven't demonstrated they can stick it out. I mean we have Jyles who was traded away from his team after riding the pine for two years sounds like he was very highly rated by Edmonton.

My opinion is that the riders need him more then we don't need him.

There's probably something most of the coaches and GM's in this league see that we as fans don't. Good players don't get traded, cut, and then cut again without some sort of reason.

I always liked him when he was here, but it was fairly obvious he was never going to be a star in this league.

Let see player who have been traded and asked to be released, because he competed and felt he was good enough to move up the depth chart but didn't. Then part way through the season, signs a contract that would have paid him as a back up not third string and we are surprised he was released.

Or do we believe Tillman who said it was difficult to trade Rocky because he had developed so much.

Uggghhh Corey Holmes? He is just another victim of circumstance man.