Rocky Butler...A Class Act (from Hamilton fan)

I was probably one of the few Hamilton fans who had a positive night Saturday at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

In the second quarter, I caught the game football Rocky Butler through into the crowd. Nice catch, if I do say so myself

After the game, I waited outside the Saskatchewan Roughriders' dressing room - and thanks to a fine policeman who got me through security - I was able to meet Rocky, shake his hand, and thank him personally for the ball (which he then autographed for me).

A class act, indeed. Made another otherwise dismal night a very special and memorable one!

great story..would be fantastic to get a game football and have it autographed

I'm glad Rocky represented Saskatchewan and the CFL well. No matter what jersey he's wearing and what city he's playing for, it's ultimately the fans' support that keeps the league running and its great to see his respect for the fans. He's made a name for himself in the last couple of weeks. If he continues to put this up, it'll be tough to keep him as a third stringer in Saskatchewan. :cry:

Thats why I love the CFL.... The players always seem to make time for the fans!

You kept the ball??? Ok I may have been tempted as well, though generally at Taylor Field when an opposing team player tosses a ball into the stand it is thrown back.

i would keep it. why throw it back?

very True and you wanna know why its thrown back??
When I was 11 years old there was the Rider Rookie section (1970).... we could only afford tickets there..Our family was poor as we just recently immigrated from MooseJaw.. we walked to school in those days up hill.. both ways with no shoes and in fifty feet of snow, we used gopher skins to cover our feet...Tickets were like A Buck Fifty and was a full months wages for Poppa working for the Regina Redneck Railroad....If a football happened to venture into our section..we were beaten mercilessly by Stadium Guards with Bull whips until the football was thrown back..


i was under the belief that whoever tossed the ball into the stands was responsible to pay for it. maybe that was a winnipeg thing. i for one would hold on to the ball and endure the bull whips.

The commentators on TSN have said that when you toss a ball into the stands it costs you $50.