Rocket signs 1 year deal to play with the Rider`s

'Rocket' Ismail to end career in the CFL


NEW YORK - Former CFL and NFL receiver Rocket Ismail has signed a 1 year deal with the CFL Saskatchewan Roughrider`s.

Ismail, who began his pro career with the CFL's Toronto Argonauts before heading to the NFL, will compete for a starting wideout with the CFL club. He became interested in returning to the sport after witnessing the total breakdown of the Riders in last years Grey Cup debacle
Ismail was interviewes by Riders at a evaluation camp south of the border a moth ago. Ismails contract with the Rider`s is said to be in the 6 figure range. Details of the contract where not available at press time.

The former Notre Dame star played nine seasons in the NFL, making 363 catches for 5,295 yards and 28 touchdowns.

I honestly looked at the posters name to see if it was TurkeyBend,

6 fixures? it doesn’t add up, nor make sense to this poster… publicity stunt?

How about early april fool's joke ...

where's the link?

The illiterate text gave you no clue?

Wow if it's true, that guy's 40 speed was insane.He could be deadly.

I'm waiting for 16_championships to pipe in and pump this tire a little more. Then it will have unasailable credibility :?

I call B.S.

According to TSN he's now an announcer for bull riding or something.

Ya think?

Raghib Ismail was born in 1969. He would be 41 yrs old today. While he was an incredible athlete who turned in a 40 time of 4.12 seconds I don't think he would be able to cut it at this age. This is a very strange joke but it has backfired because no one on this board has fallen for it. Actually it isn't even very funny when you think about. I guess boys will be boys, what can you say?

Here's a clue as to 14's (or whoever he wants to be) intelligence.....

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As I recall, the 6 games that Bishop did not play they lost, and that was with D Allen in at qb as well. The defense as well as every other position, rose to a higher level when Bishop was in the game. However I am hopeful that one of the guys they now have may rise to the top 14_championships

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