Rock 'em sock 'em CFL DVD

I'd love to have a Rock 'em type DVD along the likes of a hockey Cherry one and have it with the sound really pumped up, artificial even, when the hit is made. That would be neat to watch and listen to. Maybe there is one already though, I don't know?

Something like that would be a good idea, and a great way to market the league to the young people. Hell, I'd probably buy it myself (and no one's used the word "young" to describe me in quite some time.)

Anything to increase the league's visibility...

I have a better idea. Instead of publishing it only DVD, publish a highlights clip on YouTube, with an ad to purchase the full version via download on iTunes. I want instant satisfaction! :smiley:

Cohon said he'd be trying to entice the young crowd and he specifically mentioned YouTube. My guess is that CFL highlight reel material will start popping up all over YouTube.

Its surprised me that the CFL hasn't put out a DVD yearbook that gives the fan an overview of the season and maybe packages the Grey Cup game as well. More CFL products on the market are necessary. Not just jerseys and caps, but all sorts of little knick knacks with team logos on it.

I wish the CFL magazine would start up again. I really felt like I was helping to support the league when I bought my copy.

I think this would be a great DVD. And some clips on YouTube would be great, too. But I'm sure there are a few already on there illegally... :lol: