Rock Bottom In Regina - - Gary Etcheverry Hired

Just when it seemed things couldn't possibly get any worse in Regina, the Riders hire the proven failure Gary Etcheverry as a "consultant". There's only one person in football who dreams up more asinine schemes than Chris Jones, and it's Etcheverry.

This is a guy who lined up a 220lb LB at nose tackle...had 5yd gaps along the DLine...decided to run the double wing offence at UofO and then proclaimed it was "ahead of it's time".

It's one thing to have a player like Kory Banks describe him as "a total joke and a clown" but Etcheverry couldn't even earn the respect of CIS players and was fired after a players revolt and an 0-5 record.

This is pretty much identical to the strategy Cory Chamblin used last year. Bring in a clueless sap - - Greg Quick - - to "help" with the defence.

Whatever. Anything else that you'd like to Slag the Riders about?????

[i]Geez, what next?! Rod Rust hired as a defensive consultant? Rick Worman hired as offensive consultant? Mike Kelly hired as assistant to the GM? Joe Mack hired to tape up the players groins?

This shid show going on in Rider land is one for the ages! :rockin: [/i]

Lol I forgot about this, what an absolute disaster that was it was like he was trying to turn back the clock. You made me smile A-51 good stuff.

Pretty sure the next thing is hiring Marty York as their head scout. :lol:

You're living in a dream world, my friend.

Being 1-8 would be embarrassing enough, but Jones has made so many asinine mistakes that it's gotten to the point where the league may have to step in and get control of the dumpster fire that the Riders have become.

Reynolds must feel like a moron. 750k and his boy has to hire a consultant at the bottom of the CFL old boys club gene pool.

Let it burn for a while

Not sure why people are surprised ? (besides pom pom pederson ) This was always going to be a throw away year for the Riders. This was always in the plans. Weather the strategy works, only the future will tell us.

It certainly seems "rock bottom" but then one realizes Marcel Bellefieulle, Maggot Kelly & the immortal "White Zombie", Jim Daly are still available. Not to mention Sgt. Slaughter, Greg Marshall.

I don't think anyone could have envisioned the team being on the precipice of 1-10 by Labour Day . .. . returning Grey Cup winning QB, the best defensive mind in the bidness (Corky) and the Johnny Genius (John Murphy) flying in personnel by the boat load.

Trading away Messam reeked of mental illness but Corky managed to steal away his Grey Cup winning staff from Edmonton. Just one problem - no Mike Reilly - despite Durant being very good he can't steal games like Reilly.

I've got them at about 55.5% to steal the LDC vs. Winnipeg but that's what Winnipeg does - they usually donate at least one game to the cause.

If Regina splits the series with Wpg they'll end up scavenging with the Als for 1st pick overall - something like a 4-14 or 5-13 record (cuz there's always teams who are resting soldiers or totally given up by the last 3 or 4 games of the season)

Or John Wells as Vice-President of Discipline! :smiley:

It wouldn't be so bad if the Riders were actually rebuilding with young up-and-coming talent. But they're just bringing in deadwood off the scrap heap.

Look at the roster - - next year is going to be a complete rebuild again.

The worst part is that it's the NI starters who are going to need replacing. Chris Best sure isn't going to improve his durability with age...LaBatte has regressed badly over the past year or two...Rob Bagg will be 32.

The Canadians who were brought in this year are a total joke. You can't be serious with a career back up like Chambers...or a CIS basketball player...or a receiver who's completely lost trying to play safety and LB...or a no-talent hack like Ivan Brown.

Wow, just wow :lol:

In case people didn't know,
MTL traded their 1st round pick in the 2017 draft to the BC Lions for the rights to QB Vernon Adams

I had to check if the date was April 1st today.


Perusing these latest headlines:

Riders sign Khalif Mitchell
Gary Etcheverry hired

Would be hard to make up better satire, than this. Jones is turning into Al Davis on steroids.

I don't believe that for one second.

You are going to try and tell people the Riders spent millions to have a worse record than last year.

He plan was to squeeze into the post season and setuo next season. Not a one or two win season.

I don't believe that for one second.

You are going to try and tell people the Riders spent millions to have a worse record than last year.

The plan was to squeeze into the post season and setuo next season. Not a one or two win season.

Amazing how all the Rider haters come out in droves when they're at their lowest...

Yet they'll all cower in their hideouts when they're kicking your ass soon.

Pretty pathetic really.

Don't know why a Bomber fan is in on this, they've done very little in 26 years! Nothing to brag about.