Robotic athletes

would you still watch sports if they replaced the humans with robots?

seems like that might be a long range intent by some

Watch a Bipedal Robot Named Cassie Make History by Running Her First Outdoor 5K (

You mean like this? Remember Cyberball?

Or Base Wars?

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If it's a separate league to determine which robotics company made the most effective bipedal robot? Absolutely, I would be glued to the TV screen just to see how far we've come in robotics.

However, robots replacing humans in the CFL, NHL, MLB? Meh. The closer the technology comes to being perfected the less entertaining the games would be. You need room for human error. It would be about as entertaining as watching CPU vs CPU in a video game.

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Once the adult industry gets ahold of this technology..........


I remember decades ago when people were dreaming about robots doing all the work. It was assumed by most that we would all be just sitting back and living the good life. No one mentioned the reality that the people whose jobs were being replaced would not be taking part in the financial gains by employers. I hate robotics and any other AI that puts people out of work, and or makes us lazy.


I did like Number 5 tho :slight_smile:

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I've been wondering about this for years.....think how much top athletes make now, add in the contract arguements, the coddling, .....a robot might look pretty attractive to an owner.

I'd think that it'll be awhile before they could match the fine motor skills of athletes, but the day will eventually come where we compete.

They had a show called Battlebots on TV years ago and it's still a thing.

Do I want to see sports otherwise as we have known them with robots? No.

They are not the same games then with machines however they look.

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They already have robots that can kick soccer balls, robots that can run up stairs. The tech is evolving really fast, and within 20 years I think this will be a realistic situation. I'd even say it's inevitable .

I don't care. Those are not real sports. Have at it. Or just watch battlebots now. Bah.

And what about us vs them? That is for sure how it will go down.

No it won't but for those who want to see that - millions more will want to see people versus people like now. That's not changing in my lifetime.

I think you are going to be disappointed at how quickly this idea becomes a reality. Doesn't matter how against it you are, this will eventually happen.
For the record, I am not a supporter of this either, but I understand that advancements in technology don't care about our opinions.

If movies taught us anything it’s that any and all robots would eventually turn on us DESTROY THE HUMANS, DESTROY THE HUMANS and so forth


I think you confuse this as a debate about advancements in technology, which very few are denying will happen all the more than vastly more than many folks realize.

And you also confuse any give technological advancement as if by default everything else will change because of it, including the core of sports as we have known them throughout time on the venue itself (as opposed to how fans enjoy sports, which no doubt will continue to change greatly and is not the same as the game played itself).

Now back to the human side of matters.

I think you will be disappointed at just how many people don't see it the same way as you and are not turned on as are you by robots playing sports, though you now try to deny that, which is not the same thing as sports as we know them.

Again, there's a reason that battlebots is only so popular. Enjoy your robot obsession, for you are far from alone along with all the Star Trek and sci fi crowd heavily into all that stuff.

Star Trek and the like is 50 years old and was quite visionary. But these futuristic advancements take time and how people adapt or reject, with the latter done more than the former, ends up ruling the day.

And some people apparently have watched too many of them and want that to be reality.

I'm human for the record. I care about our opinions. Yours? Well, enjoy.

I'm not confusing anything. You seem to be very against the idea being presented in this thread, and also seem to think that just because you hold this view that it means it's not going to happen. That is a very egotisitcal view. Also, saying I get "turned on" by the idea of robots one day competing with humans, shows your lack of common sence here.

As I stated above, I have no obsession here. I just don't have the narrow minded thinking that this will never be a reality, and I think the thread is an interesting topic.

You've made your view known, you're against it and think it's silly to even think about. What more is there to discuss here with you?

No, you overlooked that the idea is not new and already exists. Battlebots is in time an early edition. It is what it is.

We have to disagree as all the more you think it is as do others who share your views and obession. Or you would not be such a diehard advocate as you are obviously.

Speaking of narrow-minded back to you sir, and we are done.