Robichaud Returns!

LS Matt Robichaud has returned, saw him at practice today working out. Fans were happy to have him back too :slight_smile:

Something goin’ on with him! Unreported anywhere, from what I’ve noticed, is the fact that he’s been put on the 9 Week Injured List.

8) If it is unreported anywhere, where are you getting the information that he has been placed on the 9 game IL ???
 He was placed on the 1 game IL last week for personal reasons  !!!

From August 6th ‘transactions’ at …

HAM TFR TO INJURED NIP Matt ROBICHAUD (LB) Bishop’s - to Saturday October 17^^

Indeed, there is something strange going on here. He's definitely been placed on the 9 game injury list.

I believe the CFL roster rules allow a team to activate ONE player ONCE from their 9 Game Injury List anytime during the first half of the season, and similarly ONE player during the second half of the season.
Perhaps Robichaud's injury could turn out to be of the miracle cure variety sometime before Labour Day.

8) This is a strange move for sure. There's got to be more to this story !!
   First Matt is placed on the 1 game IL and missed last weeks game, due to personal reasons.

   Then he is reportedly seen practicing with the team on Tuesday, and 2 days later goes on the 9 game IL  !!!

    I was under the definite impression that once on the 9 game list, you had to stay out for those 9 games for sure.

    Do you know for sure "ottawacat" regarding the rule that you state in your post  ????

I'm not 100% sure, but believe such a rule was approved prior to last season and it relates somehow to the Salary Cap. It's probably that while an injured player IS paid in full, what he's paid WHILE ON the 9-Game List does NOT count against the cap. But, if he's activated BEFORE the 9 games pass, ALL of the pay he received while injured DOES count. If this isn't totally right, I'm pretty sure it's close.

8) I will try and find out what the definite league rule is on this at the game tomorrow night.
8) Ok, you are right !! The new rule regarding players returning early from the 9 game IL was just put
  into effect prior to this season however  !!!!

I don't know this for sure, but quite frankly I think he has lost his job to a better player. We can't keep two long snappers on the team, just the best one. He has been put on the IR just to keep him with the team.

I don't know about everyone else, but this has to be the first time the TiCats have put a lot of players on the IR just to keep them with team. It's about time. Other teams have been doing this for years. It allows us to keep players off the cap, not have them picked up by other teams, and have players in reserve if we get injured. We may also be able to do this, because players may be a little more willing to sit on the IR when we have a winning team as opposed to a losing one.


Exactly. Only players on the active roster count against the cap.

He has not lost his job to a better player. His snaps have a lot more zip than #51 Matechuk. Hey eventually the job will be his but when Robi retires. He wants to play 1 more year for sure. He will be back this year. The team is showing some loyalty to him while he works through some personal issues.

His father died unexpectantly, and he needed some time.

Maybe the team didn't come out with that information because Matt wanted some privacy.

My sincere condolences to Matt during this horribly difficult time. He's such a great guy and my prayers are with Matt and his family.