Robichaud Retires

8) According to Scott Radley in this mornings Spec, TiCat veteran long snapper Matt Robichaud has retired from football.
   Back problems have taken their toll on Matt.

   Good luck to him in his future endeavours in real estate.

I want to that Matt for his huge contribution to the team over the years. He will be missed.

I wish him all the best and sincerely hope that his injury problems clear up with time away from the field.

Matt was a first class long snapper with a great work ethic. He will certainly be missed.

Good luck in the future, Matt and thanks for your great contribution to the Hamilton Ti-cats.

Matt Robichaud and J.P. Darche were the best long snap specialists to play at Ivor Wynn, in my opinion. Thanks to Matt for his years of service in a job that most fans only notice when things go wrong. Fortunately for we TiCat fans, that rarely happened. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I wonder how long it will be before the Cats talk him back out of retirement.

I don't think they well ... Matt was Put on IR last year and , Jordan Matechuk Did a Pretty good Job

The Cats will Bring in Someone to also Try Long Staping as Well

Matt is Great guy and Hell of a Long Snaper.
I wish him the best

Word is Zeke Moreno is trying to land a job back in the NFL as a long snapper.
Seems like a job that if you are good at it can lengthin your career.

He should Tried that here.

Perhaps, if he fails to catch on with the NFL, he will!

Long Snapper is not an efficient roster spot for an Import.

True, but in the Moreno package, we'd be getting MORE than a long snapper. He is a very versatile player
who could help in a variety of positions and of course, he has plenty of CFL experience.

The only detriment I can think of is his expected salary which I presume would be high.

Hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I feel bad for long snappers because you normally only hear their name when they mess up.

All the best to Matt. One of the greater team first guys of this era.

Sorry to hear about your plans to retire Matt, I wish you all the very best in your business endeavors and life outside of football for you and your family and thank you for giving all Tiger-Cat fans your great dedication to the fans, the team and to the CFL!!


My sentiments exactly, Well said, Cyb :thup: :thup: .