Robertson Deactivated- Johnson Activated-

Jamal Robertson has been deactivated for this crucial game and battle for 1st place. Robertson has been deactivated due to former Houston cougar Speedster Kierre JOHNSON is healthy and ready to terrorize Edmonton db's.

Johnson who is a Chris Williams clone is one of the top 3 fastest and quickest receivers in the CFL. The diminutive receiver has exceptional speed and quickness. In his second start vs EDMONTON about 6 weeks ago he was targeted 13 times by LULAY as he was able to run right by the Edmonton Db's with no problems.

With Johnson and FOSTER the wideouts with BRUCE and SIMON and GORE in the middle, this version of receivers is the best in the CFL since the days of ALLEN PITTS, TRAVIS MOORE, VINCE DANIELSON and DAVE SAPUNJIS. Our crew is much more eplosive, the CALGARY crew had Doug Flutie throwing which made guys better than they actually were--

Now the Lions with JOHNSON who could develop into the top receiver on our team- He has huge big play ability and routinely beat American Db's from UCLA and other top schools. I expect huge things from JOHNSON on Friday, he is a mismatch for the Db's on Edmonton, he will make a few big plays. He can be lethal on short routes and on deep routes--

Essentially he is a CHRIS WILLIAMS clone on Hamilton, who is tearing the league and db's apart this season--

The only concern for the LIons winning this game is the DOME-- yes the DOME is actually going to work against the LIONS-
Some times the home team from a new stadium or grand opening comes out TOO HYPER and not FOCUSSED and the road team comes in focussed on football--

Dallas Cowboys were 0-2 in season openers in their new stadium and barely won their 3rd home opener vs Washington on MOnday-
The distractions are numerous, the big crowd, the sightlines are different, some of the players wont be comfortable catching in the DOME--

ONE player that plays well in DOMES is RICKY RAY- He has done well in the DOME here because of the fact that his FLOATER PASSES hang in the air for ever. The Lions should understand that RICKY RAY cannot throw any passses on a straight line anymore. He barely has more arm strength than someone like Paul Macalum does. Last game vs MTL he was bouncing passes to recievers and couldnt throw a 15 yard out as his arm was just too weak to get that pass there. If you can get any pass rush on RAY he will FOLD, at this point he is playing to make as much money as he can. He is completely incapable of throwing to win a game- In every EDMONTON win the defense has completely shut down the oppositon and MESSAM has ran wild, when Edmonton defense and MESSAM dont run wild edmonton has gotten blown out of every game this season--

The key is to LIMIT MESSAM and make sure that our offense does not get SHUT DOWN EARLY--

Another thing is that KAVIS REED is a master of MOTIVATION- He does these Cheesy stupid speeches in the locker room about the world is out to get us, everybody hates us, no one respects us, and the team usually responds with BIG WINS--

The Lions are a much better team than EDMONTON, the KEY is to rush 4 and make RICKY RAY beat us with his 30 yard ARM-

We can crowd the middle of the FIELD and take it away and force RAY to throw the wideside throws, which my friends RAY cannot do, his arm is that weak now--
He never had a strong arm to begin with, but last week i saw a guy who just is not a PRO QB anymore, his throws are a complete JOKE< no wonder every edmonton receiver has suffered broken RIBS this season or suffered concussions-- Also remember JASON TUCKER who retired after RAY led him into numerous collissions--

If I was the LIONS i would strongly consider OPENING the roof, if it opens, I doubt it the roof even opens, a construction worker I know who worked on the dome said the ROOF is the cheapest roof out there and probably will malfunction. If it does open, they need to OPEN The DOME to bring more wind in the stadium, as it will limit RAY's arm to maximum 25 yards vs our pass rush--

If you guys dont believe me, last start RAY had was a 36-1 loss and he passed for about 50 yards and couldnt throw a pass over 25 yards vs us--
We cant let him feel comfortable, because RAY IS SMART, there is no issues with his FOOTBALL IQ, its all about his diminishing physical skills. CIS QBS throw harder than RAY--

If we lose to EDMONTON sadly we would have lost to the weakest ARMED pro QB, almost like losing to the starting UBC or SFU QB--

I'm slightly worried about Ricky Ray running down the field when the pocket collapses. He's not the fastest guy, but for some reason always runs well against the Lions. He's really slippery. The D line really needs to pressure him and force him to throw what you call his floaters. If he's recklessly floating balls up there, guys like Phillips will eat him alive. I'm so excited for this game.

With Johnson activated, does this affect Ianuzzi and P. Jackson?