Roberts: yet another title?

2002: Roberts finishes second in rushing
2003: Roberts finishes 1st
2004: second
2005: Another rushing title
2006: his third title??

Has any other back in recent memory ended each year so consistantly?

i personally think he'll get the title, hes got 2 games, reynolds only has one, and hes only 50 some behind. just my thoughts on it..... felt i needed to post it even though its kinda off topic

Great back, a bit flaky maybe upstairs, but one great back nonetheless.

....he's shifty...and small compared to a lot of backs....but you can't deny ...he comes to play EVERY game and gets the job done.........should be interesting on Sat. against the stumps....the rushing title is on the line...and Charlie is raring to go :rockin: :rockin:

I personally find him the most fun back to watch in all of football with the way he stops on a dime and reverse directions, not just doing this but doing it so quickly. The only other back I remember doing this as well was Barry Sanders. I have no idea how their knees and ankle joints can take this.

…Roberts should be able to pass Reynolds with only a 50 yard spread…I figure both team swill be trying to add to their respective back’s yardage totals on Saturday but with and extra game in hand Charlie should take the title yet again…might keep him happy for another year…was a fun race though between the two…

And when I say "fun" that doesn't necessarily mean I would choose Roberts over say a guy like Reynolds if I was choosing a team, many other factors to consider. But from a spectator's pur fan viewpoint, I just like guys who run like Roberts.

off the topic ...just a little side-note....Charlie was called into Berrys office and was told there's no sense in playing you cuz we have a play-off spot sewn-up...he then went on to say...Roberts would be on the bench for the next 2 games getting rested ...Well Blinks eyes went as big as saucers according to Berry..and he said...'you're kidding,right....and Berry said ..YUP :wink: see....this is what you get when you pull pranks.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think Kenton Keith is every bit as good a back...that sidestep he put on a BC defender was classic HiLite Reel material..
Keiths biggest knock is his attitude and is injury prone, I dont think he has played anywheres near a full season and still gets 1000 yards

True Dentor, Keith is dynamite as well but like you say, not as durable as Roberts, probably a bit more explosive though than Roberts.

Can anyone remember if Pringle was this consistant?

And it is Robert’s durability that sets him apart from the rest of the crop.

It's almost hard to answer that without laughing.

Pringle was far more dominant than Roberts. During his prime, there was never a "race." The question was not whether Pringle would win the rushing title, but by how many hundreds of yards he would beat out #2.

Roberts is great, but he needs to keep up this pace for several more years before being compared to Pringle. Between 1994 and 2000, Pringle exceeded 1,600 rushing yards 6 times. (the other season he missed half the games.) Roberts has only done this once.

lol nice

I don't think it is that outlandish to compare Roberts in the 2000's to Pringle in the late 90's.

Sure Pringle had those years of 1600 yards, Roberts has had 4 straight 1500...not too shabby.

I guess I'm not as big on Pringle because the Bombers used to stuff him so often :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally prefer Roberts to Pringle.

However, I think Reynold is better this yr.

I probably should have been more specific. It was usually much more than 1600 for Pringle.

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1994: 1,972
1995: 1,791
1996: 825 (8 games)
1997: 1,775
1998: 2,065 (all-time record)
1999: 1,656
2000: 1,778

Don't forget 3 more 1,000 yard seasons, plus the all-time rushing record which is more than double Roberts' career total. And two league MOP awards, which likely could have been higher had he not played at the same time as Doug Flutie.

One last stat: Since Pringle's great run from 1994-2000, not one RB has surpassed even the lowest yardage total (1,656) of his 6 best seasons.

I'm not saying Roberts isn't great. Just that Pringle was greater.

...Pringle is done....Roberts is still playing ...and at 26...Blink has got a ways to go... :wink:

Comparing Roberts to Pringle is quite complimentary to Roberts. After all, Pringle was arguably the second best back in Cfl history.
But Chuckles numbers are quite impressive in their own right, especially if you factor in the quality of o-line the two men play behind.
It is amazing to me that Roberts got any yards behind that brutal o-line the Bombers had the last few years, and this year, the line has been better, but it has been held together with bubblegum and duct tape with all the injuries.
Meanwhile Pringle played behind the most dominant line of the generation.
It wouldn't be difficult to speculate Chuckles could easily be averaging 2 or 3 hundred yards more a year if he had that Montreal line....

Arguably SECOND? Wow, that's some homerism if ever I've seen it.
Roberts is nowhere near as good as Pringle was.. and although he's only 26.. running backs rarely play into their 30's.. he won't touch those records.