Roberts vs Reynolds

Who is going to win the battle between the two top rushers this week?

WPG did a great job against Keith lastweek, so it looks like the run D is back.

The Stamps also have a good run D

I gotta go with Roberts as he will prove that he is still the best back in the league.

I think it will be Reynolds for no particular reason at all. Its just a gut feeling. You should have put a poll on this

I dont think you will see them on the field at the same time, hence, no battle will occur.

Roberts, Simply Because Of The Blue Bomber Defence Is A Lot Stronger Then Calgary's

i think roberts will win the bout on friday. simply because our D is best against the run. especially power backs, bomber d has alot more trouble with scat backs that can out run our linebackers, and stuffs power backs.

however, nothing against charlie, but i think reynolds is the better back. He's more consistent, hes challenging robert for the lead, and roberts has way more touches. his average is like a full yard above charlies.



Aren't you clever.
Have you never seen a game billed as QB vs QB? (as Edm/Ham this week)
These are the best two players at their position, and whoever wins this battle most likly wins the game.

....and gets the cheerleader!!.....

Probably Roberts, because the only way the Bombers win is if the offense can sustain long drives and keep the cowpoke offense on the sidelines.

You got that right PIGSEYE, when Roberts has success..our Defense rests..usually amounts to a win for our Bombers.The same could be said for the rest of the league...Keeping your D on the sidelines by pounding the ball, is sure way to win the game...GO BOMBERS..


I've seen it. Never agreed with it. Just like it wasnt Eli vs Payton.

At least they can compare QB ratings. Cant even do that with RBs.

Anyhow, I pick Reynolds :thup:

Of course it's Roberts, he's not slowing down, he can run with a bad O line...But if you give him a foot between the tackles, it will cost you ...FIRST DOWN BOMBERS...

it will depend on how our new tackles are doing. if they are comfortable with the offense already roberts will have a strong night. if not cgy takes it easy as our o won't get going. i was happy with how wilson looked last game and unless the nfl ruined garrick we should pull off the upset this week. how will cgy explain this two game slide???

six votes Roberts
four votes Reynolds
one fence-sitter

...Roberts....definitely.....Charlie has played behind an 'o' line riddled with injuries.....he has made his yds....literally on his own this year....when we get our 'big hogs' back and healthy....thats when Charlie will start putting up his real numbers...Could start tomorrow with the addition of Garrick Jones....Reynolds is a good back.....but then so is Kenton Keith.......but comparing them all in the league, Roberts is the premier back...(watch out for this Joe Smith of the leos in the future...and Lumsden if he can stay healthy) :roll: can you say Reynolds is just a 'good' back when he led the league in yards up to last week and as a higher YPC than Roberts?.....not angry, just asking....

the issue of using stats in isolation is showing its ugly head again. reynolds is a very good back, roberts is a very good back. in fact most rbs in the league right now are very good. using stats without considering the offense they are in is misleading. did troy davis suddenly become really bad or is edm just useless. is ranek and holmes poor or does that have something to do with the water in hamilton. i personally find scat backs more exciting to watch but deep down feel that a dominant powerback can break down a defence well assuming that that team has a solid oline and recieving capabilities. this is why cgys offense is soo good when burris is on. when hes not the d just loads up on the run block and collects the turnovers while stopping the run. roberts and reynolds are very different players and could not be as successful in each others offences because of this. both great to watch. i even enjoy watching keith when he has a good night and i think he is the most overrated rbin the league. walby himself could have been an rb for the riders the last few years with their oline. sadly... or not so sadly, their oline looks much poorer this year.

as for defending roberts, he continues to put up solid numbers even though opposing defences knew 3-4 starters on oline have been injured and our backup qb who was playing couldn't throw. 5 yd avg in that situation is impressive.