Roberts Finished

I've defended Roberts until now because ,I believed the fact the Bombers refused to throw passes any longer then 7 yards ,that the defences were not being stretched.... thus all the defenders were staying home, thus compromising the running game......
Well.... In some act of god....Doug Berry morphed from calling plays that consisted of 7 yard passes mixed in with hand offs to Roberts to heaving every other ball 50 yards down field.
Despite Calgary's defence being stretched more then Pam Anmderson, Roberts could still get Zilch..... STICK A FORK IN HIM....


Why do the Bombers never run sweeps and get Roberts into the open field? This running between the tackles does not work for them. Especially with all the current o-Line injuries.

O-line needs a better push, and yes RUN HIM TO THE OUTSIDE PLEASE....Maybe give him a toss once in a while?

But no, every god damn time...Shotgun formation, handoff right into Ryan Donnelly's ass, and he gets 2 yards.

Or how about a draw play? maybe some of those.

The Shovel passes are working good tho...

Roberts didn't do much better on returns. I think I agree with the post title...Roberts is done.

How can a player just all of a sudden be done?? The guy was the best RB in the league for years, and now he's done? I don't buy it. Sure his confidence is down, but all he needs to do is break one long one, and you just know he's going to be back.

I'll say it right now - Roberts will still finish in the top 3 rushing this year. And it is going to start with next week. Toronto's going to be looking at this game film and preparing for the deep ball - perfect time to put up a heavy dose of Blink.

Roberts is done...hang it up Charles....

Boy, guys let's just stop this now. Blink was one block away from breaking three long ones... and the shovel pass went for a first down but was called for holding. Even without that, Calgary still worried enough about Charles to leave the centre of the field open all night long.

I just don't know about Sir Charles anymore. It just seems like he takes the most important games off. Last year in the Grey Cup his 3 dropped passes are what cost the game, not the interceptions. Against Calgary last night he had no acceleration at all and just didn't look interested. The guy is turning into a drive-killer when the drive means the most.

Maybe it's time for him to actually hit the gym and turn himself into a power back. As a scat-back he just doesn't look like he's up to it.

Roberts will be fine. Winnipeg's O-line is ravaged by injury, which always affects the unit's ability to run-block. Also, the offensive playcalling hasn't been very imaginative, with most of Roberts's touches coming on vanilla handoffs up the middle. He is a speedy scatback -- you WANT to get him in open space on the outside, let him turn the corner on those lumbering rush ends. Use him as a short-yardage receiver more often. There are plenty of ways to get Roberts going.

Roberts just doesn't have the speed to bounce plays to the outside anymore, or to outrun an end or lb to corner.

Without the holes up the middle, they might as well just keep running those little delayed tosses up the middle and screens.

I find it hard to believe that Roberts has lost his speed in one off-season. And even if he has lost a half-step, it wouldn't matter if the O-line would be out blocking for him. I don't care how good a tailback you are, you aren't doing squat unless the hogs do their job, and with all their injuries, it's been hard for the Bombers to maintain any consistency on the O-line.

ROFL. But no i really don't think outside running will help either... he just doesn't have the super speed, hes designed for up the gut.

the guy is finished, at 170 pounds he cant run forever, smaller backs dont last long, a 170 pound kid cant be an every down back for a long time, too small, too frail has to wonder bout Charlie....HOWEVER....i've seen him go into a 'funk' when he's been told that maybe the passing game is gonna be the priority....He can get awful stubborn...and be content to just roll along quietly....Don't know if the Bombers will put up with that kind of stuff for too long....we'll see :roll:

If thats the case you do not need a me guy on a team. Thats face it Roberts has done well in the past but his performance so far is below what it will take to get a running game happening. Another running back in camp may push him.

Lots of Runningbacks in the States....IF Taman wants to go and find them.

...we have one ...his name is Fred Reid.....remember the guy who lit it up last year when Charlie went down...Fred could get the call... :thup:

Funny dad but if he was that good why would I not remember him? I guess anything might be an improvement.

Jarrett Payton is still unsigned might be an option.

..Reid is better than Payton....maybe you'll get a chance to see Fred next game... :thup: