Roberts and Logan in the backfield.

Bc has been practising with both its backs in the backfield this week. Last week (Hamilton Game) there were tons of plays with Logan taking screens and hitch passes out of the backfield. This week it appears that they may be ready to swing both backs in each direction. Any combination of these plays is going to keep the riders D guessing, plus the fact that Pierce himself likes to take off and run occasionally. If the db's start cheating at the line that will open up the pass.
I like it . It's to bad we don't have KK in our backfiled with Cates as we could do the same then.
Richie will have his hands full devissing a suitable game plan and making changes during the game.
Any thoughts?

Their running game is going to be a tough one to read. Our defense will have their hands full. Should be interesting....

We don't have to do the same thing as BC because our running game is perfectly allright. We don't even know how successful Wally's experiment will be. Our defense should be up for the challenge and finally - we do not need KK for any reason - not even to emulate the BC Lions who I will remind you are in last place.

Last place IN THE West does not mean they are a bad team. The West is a VERY competitive division. This team shouldn't be taken lightly because of they're last in the West. If they were in the East division they would be second place. It's not like they are getting blow out by the teams with better records than them.

If they can get things down pat with these 2 in the backfeild it will make things tough on our defense for sure. Hopefully our offense comes up big this game!

I am quite ok with facing BC’s running Game. I would have been much more scared of Joe Smith in BC’s backfield then these two.
Our defense is geared to stop these type a backs way more than a power back (AJ Harris, Jesse Lumbsden). Our Defense has awesome speed, but is not as bulky as some defences. I am not afraid of these guys. Bring it on.

Plus if the offense gets out to a lead early, your gonna have an offense (now tailered to the run slightly) trying to catch up.

B.C has been no threat to the Riders for quite sometime now, I'm not worried but i'm willing to bet the Lions fans are :slight_smile:

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Talk is cheap...let's see the dynamic duo perform on the field. Power to them if they expose the Rider's weaknesses; trouble for them if the Gang Green lays a whoopin' on them!