Robert Grant

I wish Robert Grant the best of luck in his return to the CFL from the injury he suffered last night agaisnt the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

yah I was wondering what happened? Is there an official news release on what exactly his injury was? My guess was a neck or back injury since they took him away in the ambulance.

Yeah, that's what I heard from the free press here in Winnipeg. He was moving so that's good. Not sure how long he will be out for though.

in the paper this morning, it said that he accompanied the team back on their return flight yesterday

There are reporst here in Ottawa that he is sore but expects to be ready after the off week. Only time will tell. Hope he is back if not Syniker Taylor will fill in showing Ottawa is starting to get depth especially on defence. Moss will probably be out but Clemons will fill in easily, once Moss is back replace Rogers. Hathaway will be back acording to the paper and so will Collier and posibly Jacobs

The prognosis sounds good for Grant, more precation then anything, good to see he will be fine.

it's always scary to see a player taken off hte field in an ambulance, but it did give me a well needed bathroom break. i hope he's ok