robert gordon

what happened to robert gordon he was one of our best reicvers where di he go

I think to the NFL

he retired i think

Released and retired I believe...maybe the Arena League

he plays for the LA arena football team. he's really old anyways, he's 37. Milt stegall's considered a old man and hes only 35. plus i never saw any greatness out of gordon

robert gordon... ill have you know buddy, is freaking awesome! btw he was released by the bombers... LMAO and he was playing for the l.a avengers in the arenafootball league... bombermagoo... nfl?! lmao but yeah... i guess he did retire... i dont know what his problem is... he was always blabbing on about how he wanted a greycup ring...but hes still my favourite! yay :smiley:

Robert Gordon in his prime was awesome. A clutch receiver if there ever was one. The ANTI-Peterson.

Yup, he bad he just fadded....

Robert Gordon was washed up in Winnipeg by the time he left. End of story.

Gordon was one of our best receivers with winnipeg.

i agree!

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Here's the link... you should see his name.

Kirsten, now that Brazell has number 84...will he become your fav?

lol NO WAY! i was pissed off when i saw that he had gordons number! damn that brazzel!

probably retired , he is pretty old

yea pretty sure he did.

Oh well... Robert Gordon is the past...and Brazzell is the present...