Robert Edwards?

Where on earth is this guy? I read in the paper he is on the Suspended List, but in the Programms at the Game, and on the Als Website, he is nowhere to be found on the roster?

Please don’t tell me we released this guy? Im sure hes the best back we have.

He was suspended and went home to the States, but is due back soon and I would like to see him play the next game, see what he can do! They have to think of the roster spots though.

Don’t ever trust what you read in the game day program. It’s full of errors because it’s printed too early.

The Alouettes have a problem now, because both Lewis and Edwards were better than Jenkins and Lapointe in camp. So they don’t know what to do. I expect them to suspend Lewis for a game, and try back Edwards, or something like that.

I really like Jonas Lewis. I hope he stays. He reminds me of Corey Holmes.