Robert Edwards

So what's gonna happen?
After 2 brilliant performances, what's gonna happen when Lapointe comes back? Name Lapointe the starting Tail Back? And when Ben Cahoon comes back, are they gonna scratch Edwards.

I really hope Matthews has enough sence. Sure its hard to do. I mean first of all its hard for the whole dept chart of the American/Canadian dressed players, sure Lapointe is a fan favourite, and yes he averages over 6 yards per carry. But really, I think Edwards is the better back. A former first round draft pick in the NFL.

I was just curious what do you guys think about this? Do you think Matthews will continue starting Lapointe when he's healthy? Then again you can never predict what The Don will do next.

That last game was an impressive game for Robert Edwards. He sure looks to be deserving of a role on the Als with a performance like that.

He gives the Als a dimension they really didnt… have thats a running game, which will open things up for Cavillo…cant see them dropping him when Cahoon gets back.

Why would they drop him when Cahoon returns? Cahoon is a non-import. I don't see any problem with him returning. Anyways, just look at how many non-imports there are in the Alouettes offence, RB aside: Cahoon, Girard, Stala, Vilimek, Flory, Fritz, Chiu and Lambert. As a QB, Calvillo doesn't count in the ratio. So we have only two imports in our whole starting offensive unit: Okeke and Vaughn. I really don't see why we'd have to keep ourselves from playing a great import at RB.

Had Edwards been the starting runner for the Als since week 1, he would have had a sure shot at the Rookie of the year title.

He has something I haven't seen in any other running back in Montreal (and in most other teams, for that matter). He is patient. If he sees a good block coming, he'll slow down until the block is made and WHAM, hit the hole. Most runners would just rush through the hole right away, hoping to get through. But Robert Edwards keeps his head up and watch the play develop while he runs. That helps him make the most of each opportunity.

Gotta love the guy.

By the way, Eric Lapointe was cited yesterday in the paper. He said that, given Edwards good performances, coach Matthews told him he didn't have to rush his comeback, and that he should take all the time he needs to heal correctly. That sounds like "You won't be starting as long as Edwards is solid, so give this nice excuse to the media and it'll look good for all of us".

In that same article, Lapointe said he is almost 100% certain to retire at the end of the current season. Another reason to play Edwards.

I have heard both Edwards and Matthews in the past say, that you don't lose your starting job because of an injury and that when Lapointe is healthy he is the starter.
I have also heard that they will both play.
But I think Matthews and everyone is finally starting to realize how good Edwards is, and I would be surprised if Edwards doesn't get most of the rushes from now on. But I think they will both play when healthy.
I think the Als O-line loves making holes for this guy and Edwards loves playing behing the great Montreal Hogs! I think Edwards has really made if fun for the O-Line again.

By the way, every time Edwards gains over 100 yards he buys the Oline steak dinner. It cost him $400.00 the first time and again this past week. He doesn't make that much money, so he says he willo be broke by the end of the year!

It's funny you say that.

Pierre Vercheval, a former Alouettes' o-lineman, has a column in the Journal de Montreal. And in today's column, he says exactly that. The o-linemen really enjoyed the last two games because the run was more involved. When pass blocking, you get pummeled all the time. When run blocking, you can lay a beating on your opponents too. These guys love Edwards already.

Edwards is there to stay. Lapointe will be back a 2nd back, and doing his stuff on the special teams.

Nice move from Edwards, classy.

O-Line also love Edwards...he thanks them after each play and stick with them...

It sure make a difference from "whinny" Denson.

Jonas Lewis also has a great relationaship with the o-line. Too bad we can't play him AND Edwards. I like Lewis. I wish he could be a starter somewhere.


This guy is 220 lbs of commitments, faith and class act. I mean you gotta love the man. In all interviews, he always give the credits to the O line for the job, he doesn't do those F&%?G stupid dance when he gets a first down. Really classy.

And most of all, i think that 3&10 said it, he's smart and patient. in the last game against TO, he had a least 2 dates with O'Shea, head to head, and the bleu jersey went down those two times, he's strong...

The only thing that scare me: his knee.

After all he went through, the determination he showed, he certenely deserve to, and he's entitle-to, be a starter.

I'm a french canadian and i'm proud of Lapointe, but, the best player must be on the field. Edwards.

See ya.

Als Fan

You’re right…he’s the best RB we’ve got right now…

The guy was a class-act on CJAD Sunday Night Sport - 800 yard club last sunday.

They alwayss have an Al’s player, and you can call-in…that’s cool !

He should still be in the NFL! The Dolphins could have used him last year after they cut him.

It would be too bad if Lapointe retires, he is an excellent back but if he has other opportunities in life to grab onto career wise, well, maybe he should grab this.

I've got tons of respect for Lapointe (which other Canadian starts in a CFL team's backfield?) but the plain fact is that Edwards is the better back. He's bigger, stronger, healthier, hits the holes smartly (like Third said), has great acceleration in spite of his rebuilt knee, and secures the football when he runs (unlike Avery, Davis, Warren). What's not to like? Lapointe is a great back who also contributes on special teams but he is too injury-prone and just doesn't have what Edwards has.

For the first time since Lawrence Philips left, I feel like my Als have a legitimate running threat in the backfield. And it feels pretty good to pound the ball 15-20 times a game and give those big O-line boys an opportunity to attack instead of defending against the pass rush. Calvillo now has a viable play-action decoy on every play because opposing linebackers have to respect the run. And nothing tires a defence out like playing against a strong run offense.

With our losses at receiver right now, it only makes sense to use Edwards as a horse. We can find someone else to replace Lapointe on special teams.

Let me tell you what class guy and hard worker this guy is, I'm from New England, where he started his career. After suffering what most surely should have been a career ending, and was almost life ending, yes it was life threatening injury, this kid worked so hard to get back in shape and stay strong, that the Pats owner gave him a million dollars, that he wasn't due, and before he had even made it back to the field. He simply gave it to him because he continuosly noticed how much time and effort He was putting in in the weight room and elsewhere. Then when the Pats cut him, which was tough for alot of us around here to swallow, just before the beginning of their first Super Bowl campaign, he said good bye to all his former teamates, as they boarded the bus to take them to their first game of the year, with very genuine wishes of good luck. At work a couple weeks back, I had the Als Argos game on, and while I've definately made a few of my bars patrons into CFL fans, most people where saying what the hell is this, after I told them what it was, I said does #47 look familiar, lets just say Montreal gained a few fans that day, and it's pretty damn hard getting anyone in Boston, to root for any team of any sort from Montreal. In fact after I got everyone interested and they where pulling for the Als, just to stir it up a bit, I mentioned that the Argos where Fluties last team and he won 2 Grey Cups with them his last 2 years up there. The response was pretty much summed up with something like "Fluties with us again, If I'm watching this game Edwards' team is who I'm pulling for"

Being attached to the team and the league is what makes a fan hard core but getting these inside scoops on the players sure make watching the game that much more enjoyable. It's as if you know them ... Looking forward to the Al's visit to the dome in BC come next month.