Robert Edwards

Popp has completely blown it by not playing Edwards. It just shows that the Als need to look for a new coach and not a new running back. Edwards has shown time and again that he should be the number 1 back on the team. What does he have to do to prove that he should be playing?

Popp's ego knows no bounds. He may be a fairly good manager, but he is no coach and should get out for the sake of the Alouettes while the season is still young and they have a chance to make a run at first place.

I am not ready to pass judgement on Popp just yet (although I do admit that I was hoping to see Taffe back in Montreal) but in my opinion, Edwards has not done much to show that he should be the # 1 running back. 2 or 3 yards per carry is quite low by CFL standards. I think you go with Payton until he falters.

Wrong. He HAS been playing Edwards, for the first four games of the season, and Edwards was NOT performing up to his usual old standards (and his backfield blocking was atrocious). So they sat him a game and Payton looked good. While I can find much to blame in Popp as a head coach, this isn't one of them.

I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Edwards seems to be in decline. He can't hit the holes as fast as he used to, and his blocking is terrible.

On the other hand, we run the same running play over and over again up the gut, and our O-line hasn't been able to establish the run this year, so I can't lay all the blame on Edwards. Also, we don't run the ball nearly enough, and most of those touches are short-yardage situations. So Edwards's average may be a little deceiving.

Valid points.

What I find odd about the playbook this year is, in addition to the lack of imagination in the running plays as discipline so correctly notes, are the following:

  1. The hideous 'hitch screen' to the wide receiver seems to have been removed from the playbook.........GOOD

  2. With all the heat AC's been getting this year, why aren't we using screen passes more, to slow up the opponent's rush?

  1. Actually, MadJack, I have seen that terrible hitch screen once or twice this year. Why do our coaches love to run plays with stationary receivers? Do they WANT all our receivers to get crushed time and again?

  2. I'm as baffled as you are by this one. All Popp talked about during the off-season was how we needed to incorporate screen passes into our attack to keep defenses honest on the blitz. To date, we've barely used the screen. And we barely run the ball. So enemy defenses pin their ears back and just come after Calvillo because they have no reason to respect our running game.

Can't help with number two, but bubble screens and hitch screens draw defenders toward the line of scrimmage to prevent easy gains, thus making them vulnerable to go routes.

Teams employ those wide receiver screens any time they feel too much cushion is being given to their receivers.

Plus, every now and then the receiver wiggles through to make good yardage.

After his fumble at the goal line in the greay cup. I was amazed he was invited back. This year has proven that he's done. Popp can't be faulted for looking elsewhere.

Now you got to wonder if he wasn't coaching would he have found a gul like Tyler Ebell ?

All well and good, but you have to be EFFECTIVE on the go route for teams to care. Nobody's giving our receivers any cushion because nobody's afraid of our receivers burning them on the go route.

I guess that's why we're not seeing the hitch screen very much this year. If we had a legit deep threat, calling the hitch screen would make more sense.

Ashlan Davis seems to have the necessary speed, maybe we should try him deep..........just wish he was bigger.

Haven't gone to Desriveaux much so can't say much about him; Deslauriers is used even less.

Edwards is not the one to blame ...the o-line was not that good in the first three games..i agree with u habfan1 ..popp is not that good of a coach...

Just watched the Edwards clip on TSN Broadband. Mr. Popp brings up the fact that Edwards has put the ball on the ground in every game he's played since last October.

I guess I've never given his fumbling much thought since the Als have recovered a good number of them, but it does seem to be an inescapable part of his game.

Maybe he needs to make the same adjustment Tiki Barber made in how he carried the ball--high and tight instead of against his ribs.

I will say this in Robert Edwards' defense, he runs hard and keeps his mouth closed. Not many premier backs would behave as well as he's behaved the last two years as players are brought in to take his job and demeaning statements are made in the press concerning his abilities. Would Charles Roberts do the same? No way.

Nor would John Avery..........

Great idea. Only one problem. We don't have anyone to throw the ball on a go route.


Read your SO49th article and agree with you that Chris Jones and his defense have been playing well and so have special teams;. I also understand a head coach not wanting to discuss specific negatives after a win.

But where I disagree is where fans on boards should not discussed what they see or perceive to be problematic. This is what discussion boards are for. Discussion positive and negative, especially in the context of who the Als wins came against, are fair game IMO.

Now I understand why you can't really get involved in most of the discussions we have here lately :slight_smile:

So I'll ask some open ended questions.

Did you agree with calling an on-side kick?
Did you enjoy Bellefeuille's play calling so far this season?
What is your opinion of Duval's breakdown?
Do you feel this team has progressed since Popp took over?

Really interested in your opinion on these questions if you feel like partaking.


I'm just a fan like everybody else here, so I don't know what good my answers will be to those good questions, but. . .

  1. I liked the onside kick in that situation because the defence had control of the Argos' offence, and stealing a possession there would've been the capper. The Argos made a hell of an aggressive play to get to that ball and retained possession.

  2. It's tough to comment on play-calling since I only see where the ball goes. I don't know what's actually called, and I can't see the whole defence. That said, I think the play-calling has been fine. Injuries and penalties have curtailed the offence more than plays in my book.

3)Damon and I grew up about 20 miles from each other, so he gets homeboy points from me. The Argos were over the line all game harassing him, and while he should've kept his cool, he's a person like any of us, not a priest, and all of us have breaking points.

  1. Progressed beyond the team that was on a 6-game losing streak? Or beyond the Don's team at its finest? To the first, absolutely. The best players are now finding the field without some of them suffering from being in the "doghouse" or afraid one mistake might get them released. To the second, probably no, but the Als had a hell of a team there for a while and it would be hard to ask for more than say the 2002 team had to offer.

How's that?

Speaking of that onside kick. I dont know the rule so I am by no means blaming the refs but seems to me that aggression was more of interferance. One of the Als seems to jump for the ball and was blocked out of the way. Anyone know the rule?

Article 4 – Offside On Kickoff - Team B
Players of the receiving team must stand at least 10 yards on their own
side of the line of kickoff when the ball is kicked.

PENALTY: L5 – kickoff repeated, or option.

Article 5 – Interference By Team B
On a kickoff, a player of the receiving team may interfere with an opponent
anywhere within bounds, commencing from the moment the ball is
kicked, provided that contact is made only above the waist of the opponent.

He did make contact above the waist!

I love Robert Edwards, he is my favorite CFL player. That being said I think you have to go with the hot hand and right now thats Jarrett Payton. What are you suppose to do give the job back to Robert Edwards when Jarrett Payton has earned it.