Robert Edwards to run over the Renegades!

It’s confirmed, Robert Edwards will be the starting half-back in Montreal this week. Look for him to give it all he’s got because this is his chance to break open and get the job.

Michael Jenkins should be the starter next week against the Esk. Then, the Don will make his mind with his backs.

By the way, I’ve seen a picture of Lewis, Edwards and Jenkins in the paper today. Edwards is about 8 inches taller than the other two. Monster man.

And the article said the Don said Edwards reminded him of Lawrence Philipps (without the off-field problems, of course). Coming from the Don, this might mean Edwards will get the starting job. Or at least, he might be in the lead.

…when is The Don going to go with the direct-snap all-RB offensive scheme we spoke about earlier in the year?..gotta be soon eh?..

speaking of dirrect snaps, the other day wile watching the Riders game me and one of my friends were talking about trick plays… we think that the Riders should have a dirrect snap QB sweep, Greene is definatly fast enough to pull it off and if they want they can add pass plays out of that… think that would confuse a deffence?

Don’t underestimate the Renegades defence, that is if they aren’t on the field for 75% of the game.

…I don’t think delivering the ball to the QB can be called a ‘direct snap’…it’s a regular snap whether it is from the shotgun or not…thoughts?..

Unfortunately I think they WILL be on the field for 75% of the game. I simply don’t think Joseph & co. can get it done against my Als’ defense.

In any case, regardless of who starts at tailback for Montreal, we are going to brutalize Ottawa this week.

If it makes you feel good to beat up on a weak team, good on ya.
But anything bad could happen to any player on any team in any game. All it takes is one good pop, cheap or not. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.
Is Khari Jones in Montreal yet??

Go Rens Go!!

Khari isn’t in Montreal yet, but we’ve got a new guy called John Turntine… That guy is fast enough to catch a runaway Ezra Landry, but his previous team released him anyways… they must have had too much talent on board to keep everyone.

Ever heard of that Turntine guy?

Are you kidding, he was the Renegade that ran down Landry here in Ottawa in the 2nd Exhibition game. This guy is a gamer. I’ve said that since Day 1 when he became a Renegade. He always seems to be in on the play. I can’t believe we let him go. We gave him a standing O after that play against Landry.
Talk on Sports Radio The Team1200 here is that Matthews is using him to get info on the Rens system. If you guys are using him just for that (as if it’s needed), There’s more money on the Al’s team than brains.

I doubt we would have hired a former Renegade just to know about your playbook, but while he’s here, I have no doubt the Don asked him if he still has that book somewhere around. Every team does that when hiring former rivals.

The Als said Turntine is now the official back-up for Megna and Stewart.

I never said I felt good about beating up a weaker team. I’m actually something of a Gades fan. I keep wanting them to do better than they do. I was rooting for them against Edmonton last week. But Paopao has got to go. His offensive playcalling is piss poor. And Joseph looked like crap in the opener. Always dropping back in the pocket to the precise point where Montford and Jeanty would crush him, and failing to read even simple blitz packages from the Eskimos. Overthrowing an absolutely wide-open Yo Murph in the endzone by about 15 yards. He’d better get on track or it’s going to be a long season for Ottawa.

As for your veiled comment about Anthony Calvillo, I think it’s somewhat lacking in class, but for what it’s worth: I think our O-line is able to protect our QB just a TINY bit better than yours. :wink:

Alright!!! Just as I wrote in the Alouettes Posting board. I want to see Robert Edwards this week against Ottawa. Lets see what the former NFL 1rst round pick can do. This guy could be something special, we’ll see!

Paopao keeps on making the wrong decisions… like leaving that gem Brad Banks on the sidelines. Give the young gun some playing time. He might be a long term answer to one of the Gades problems.

…it’s not a veiled threat D&P…that would have to be pure strategy…as sick as it is…it worked in the eastern semi last year, it’ll work in week 2 this year…

It’s not a veiled threat D & P, it’s reality. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. But look what happened last year to Calvillo, and, as a matter of fact, to Kerry Joseph. Fat Albert couldn’t bring you to the promised land. Hey, Hey, Hey! At least we have just a TINY bit more depth at QB than yours.
And as far as that “classless” comment, I suppose you’re just trying to dethrone me from my Forum Honours of last year. Pity. There goes my chances this year. Thanks a lot.

Back to the original topic, this morning papers says Eric Lapointe will be the starting back for Montreal this week. I’m confused… what happened between yesterday and today?

Eric Lapointe couldn’t wear Robert Edwards jockstrap period. Tell Don to take the joint out of his mouth and start coaching, instead of creating this dumb bumper music on the Als website. Thank god the Als have talent. I’m calling for this guys head. Name one friggen game that he won for them???tick tock tick tock. Times up, ABSOLUTELY NONE!! I’am not second guessing his idea to put everyone but Edwards in, I’am first guessing. Great coaches win games aka Bill Bellichek. This guy is absolutely horrible, and his decisions make no sense. Pack it in Don you loser.

p.s. don’t say he’s not a loser, because he is, this guy tries to find ways to lose.

Hey Donnie i recreated your hit
What time is it? Its time to get rid of you. What time is it? Its time to quit. You are the worst. Thank you.(Yeah you should say thank you, because when you get fired you will be collecting empty molsons and Labatts on the streets of Montreal.)

You’re missing my point. Yes, you’ve got more depth at QB than we do. But it doesn’t help you because your O-line is so poor that every QB on your team is at risk to get seriously injured. Don’t believe me? Well, at one point last year Joseph, Banks and Kennedy were ALL nursing an injury of some kind. It doesn’t matter how good Banks is if he’s flat on his back every other play.

And as far as that "classless" comment, I suppose you're just trying to dethrone me from my Forum Honours of last year. Pity. There goes my chances this year. Thanks a lot.
Sorry, I don't keep up with all the backbiting and trashtalking that goes on here. So your comment means nothing to me.