Robert Edwards Released

The Als have released Edwards as of today, 18 August.

I am not surprised. Can't see trading him, there isn't a team in need of a running back (except maybe Toronto).

The only caveat is this. Payton has looked great, but against (a) a team that is traditionally weak against the run anyway (Toronto), and (b) a team with a makeshift defensive line due to injuries (Calgary).

That said, however, I am content with this move.

In my opinion, Montreal did a stupid move.

Jarrett Payton has proven to be a quality Running Back. One thing I noticed about him, is that he is fragile. I think if he were to get injured along the road, Montreal's rushing attack can be screwed.

I like Avon Cobourne, I think he is a great back, but I don't think he has the leadership, and the power like Robert Edwards.

I don't fault Edwards at all for his rushing totals. Mike Pringle would be average by the way the O-Line was playing at that point in time, and not to mention a poor O-Line vs a very strong Winnipeg Defense.

I am sad. We didn't just let go a good man who does alot for Montreal's community and fundraisers, but I personally believe that Edwards is in the 4th best Running Backs in the CFL today, behind Roberts, Reynolds and Lumsden.

I haven't found any info on his release.

Nothing on CFL, RDS, TSN, Sportsnet, MTL Gazette & Al's website ?

It's here:

[url=] ... y&tid=1400[/url]

"Name: 2007-08-18: Alouettes Transactions:
Alouettes Transactions

ROSTER 18-Aug-07

MTL DEL IMP Robert EDWARDS (RB) Georgia"

I feel bad for Edwards, he didn't deserve this. As Ryooon pointed out, our O-line was so poor early on that it didn't matter who was in the backfield. I think Edwards still has plenty of football left in him, but every other team seems to be set at running back, so this may be the end of his CFL career, sadly.

I would have liked to have seen Payton in a few more games (perhaps against a team who is better against the run as MadJack pointed out) before making this decision. However, I believe that the limit for cutting veteran players without having to pay them full salary is coming up soon. That being said, if I was given the decision of keeping either Edwards or Payton today, I would also go with the latter. Looks like Edwards is another victim of the salary cap, sadly.

Looks like the Als just fixed Toronto's running game...

Edwards isn't going to 'fix' their running game. Their problem is that they have no commitment to the run and their O-line can't create holes for the RB. Also, they seem not to want to give the ball to Avery and let him run. Edwards won't change Toronto's situation.

He'll probably fumble and create turnovers, as much as he did the last 2 years for us.

I just have one question. With the injury to Vilmek, why didn't Montreal just insert Edwards into the FB slot keep Payton as the RB? That way Edwards and Payton could block for AC, and they would have had to running threats in the backfield which would have kept the defense guessing the whole game. I don't see the problem with buying AC more time in the pocket by having 2 great blockers back there.

Edwards & are kidding right ?

Ratio wouldn't allow that. Vilimek is Canadian and using an import at fullback would have meant taking an import away at another position.

One would think he would have to have been joking, or at least not have watched any games this year. Regardless of Edwards' lack of production this year (blame it on him or on the O-line or on the offensive scheme, who cares), his main failing in my eyes was atrocious blocking. He cost us dearly with that.

I couldn't agree more. The amount of blocking assignments that he missed was quite significant.

since Edwards was put on the sidelines, we see less QB sacks... hmmmm...

I wish him good luck in Toronto.