Robert Edwards proves he is the missing link for Montreal.

This game versus the roughriders is a statement to the league that Robert Edwards. Don Matthews has finally realized how versatile he could be by lining him up at the tightend position, and in the backfield. I don't see any Montreal backs breaking the runs that he has done so far tonight. AC looks pretty happy to have a blocker and a back with hands. Having spoken to him after the Edmonton game i could see the fire in his eyes. There is no reason why he shouldn't be playing south of the border. He wants the rock and he deserves it. Montreal has landed a diamond. Congrats Robert on the great game.

To the rest of the CFL lookout cookout Robert Edwards is coming to dinner.

To Eric Lapointe enjoy the bench, you blew your chance. Looks like a Brady for Bledsoe situation.

To Don, you are a moron if you take him out of the starting lineup.

Edwards is good, Lapointe is solid...being a RB is more than running the includes blocking and receiving etc. Lapointe is a safe'd be nice for them if they could keep both

I disagree i don't think Eric Lapointe could carry Robert Edwards jockstrap. I'll put my money on Robert Edwards anyday. Edwards can spark an offense, and i think he proved it tonight. Lapointe cannot block as well as Edwards, and can't break the long ones. I guess one game doesn't tell the story, but i think in a few weeks if he is still starting will prove he is one of the leagues top backs once he is in game shape.

Give the ball to Lapointe 12-15 times a game, with two TE set, like they did to Edwards tonight, and he will get you a 100 tards game. Peter you are unfair in your call. Give me one game this year where Lapointe miss a block. So far the longest run by a Als RB is by Lapointe. Look at the previous Als game, and you will notice that Lapointe only run the ball when the Als are on Shotgun formation. Tonight, for a good change, the Als have run the ball with the heavy formation. Plus Lapointe play on special team. That's where he got injured last game. Who the heck make his #1 RB play on special team, the Don ! You can praise Edwards, talented no doubt, but dont spit on Lapointe. The only starting Canadian RB of the CFL.

Isn’t Charles Roberts playing on special units too?

Anyways, in my opinion, Robert Edwards should be the starting back, but Lapointe should be kept for short gains assignments. He’s even better than most fullbacks at gaining the final one or two yards on a set of downs.

Why do you think the running game went so well finally ? Because they run the ball more than 8 times with a heavy formation. Be fair 3rd and tell me. How many carries have Lapointe see this years behind two TE set ? I just think you guys aint fair with Lapointe.

Anyway... Edwards had a great game. I hope it give AC the will to go on the ground more often for the rest of the season.

I think you're mostly right. The main reason why the running game was successful last night was because for once, we used it! Edwards got upwards of 15 touches on the night and any RB worth his salt will tell you that 5-6 touches (the previous average in Mtl) just isn't enough.

That being said, I did see things in Edwards that I haven't seen in Lapointe. Edwards has more speed in the open field and seems to hit the gap at the line of scrimmage faster. He's got slightly better cut-back ability and better hands than Lapointe. Lapointe is a better blocker, though.

But I'm ecstatic to see the Als seriously run the ball for the first time this season. Jumbo tight ends, yeehaw! There's more to life than the pass.

U&H, I have nothing against Lapointe, but he's always injured. Edwards looks like a tall powerhouse. I like him.

Oh I like him too mate. He had a great game, and will only improve with playing time. I dont forget this guy have seen few or no playing in the last few years.

I am a strong defender of Lapointe though, as i think he dont receive the respect he should. Especialy when i read that he blew his chance... But hey, those darn injuries...

Robert Edwards in my opinion should definitely be the starting running back. The trouble is he is an import,where as Lapointe is a Canadian. If Cahoon is missing, we lose a Canadian and must replace him (maybe Girard)with a Canadian. Anyway I would find a way for Edwards to play if I was the coach.

Edwards looked good, it would be a mistake to sit a guy who just racked up 130+ yards rushing.

Yeah I'm bias, because I'am a big Robert Edwards fan. Did some good things for the Patriots. I think Eric Lapointe is a good running back, but i just don't think he has the caliber of a Robert Edwards. I know Lapointe is a fan favorite just like Cahoon, but you have to go with the hot hand. The Als offensive line must feel great today because of what they did to the Riders, and I'm sure they want Robert Edwards. During the New England Patriots first Super Bowl run i asked Damien Woody the Captain of the o-line who he wanted at Quarterback and he said, "you have to go with the hot hand, were in the business to win championships not to please individuals." That quote didn't mean much at the time, but when you think about it thats what wins championships. You have to put the best twelve guys out there that give you the best chance to win. I think if Don puts Eric Lapointe in the starting rotation he selling the Als short. I would like to see the Als put Lapointe in short yardage situations.

In the CFL you must dress 19 Canadians and 17 or 18 imports. The Als have most of there Canadians on offence and special teams and few Canadians on defense (Kari Kari). Edwards deserves to dress for sure, but it is a question of having enough Canadians at other positions. Cahoon getting hurt doesn't help, and Eric Lapointe is Canadian and is a solid back, but not in Edwards league IMO.
Robert Edwards was a first round NFL draft pick.

While I'm not trying to take anything away from Robert Edwards, a lot of the credit for the game he had has to go to the O-Line. He was running through holes you could have driven a bus through. How many times did he not get touched until he was 8 or 9 yards downfield. That makes it pretty easy to rack up the yards.The only area in which I would say Edwards is really better than Lapointe is as a receiver, but Lapointe is definitely the better blocker. He played a lot of FB last year after Heppell got hurt, and trust me, he wouldn't have stayed there if he couldn't block. Ideally, I'd like to see them both get 8-10 carries a game, with Edwards gettign some receptions to go along with his carries.